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September 16, 2008

September 16, 2008

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Both men are paid to win, but their teams could benefit from a losing season WHEN A COACH STEPS behind the bench, he has only one goal in mind – win. It doesn’t matter if it’s his first pre-season game or Game 35 the day after Christmas or Game 82 with his team hopelessly out of the playoffs. The result of that game – any game – is permanently attached to his resume. So imagine how Ron Wilson must feel having signed on with the Toronto Maple Leafs, a team that has missed the playoffs three straight years, hasn’t won the Stanley Cup since The Beatles ruled the charts and could desperately use a player with star potential. And imagine how Scott Gordon feels having accepted the position with the New York Islanders, a…



SUMMER VACATION It was Daniel Winnik’s summer of the paper chase. The Coyotes forward didn’t let the rigors of the minors or his first season in the NHL deter him from getting his university degree. He took courses the past three off-seasons and recently graduated with a degree in political science from the University of New Hampshire. “My theory was, I left after my junior season, and my point in going to school was to get an education, a degree,” he said. Winnik said he liked being back on campus, even though it involved a lot of studying and test-taking. As for putting his political science degree to practical use, Winnik said law school was a possibility, but that’s off in the distance.…



The Hound is back and what better way to kick off the festivities than with one of the year’s classiest oneoffs, the special Memorial Cup sweater worn by the host Kitchener Rangers. The Cup was indeed originally crafted as a memorial to soldiers who fought in the First World War, so the dignified soldier crest is a creative tribute (and based on an old recruiting poster). The jersey itself wins big marks for looking like it came from the sport’s earlier days. The striping and cut-out for the ‘C’ are classic and despite being brand new, even the colors look vintage-era.…



STILL SPOKIN’ Defending Memorial Cup champs from Spokane once again the team to beat in major junior. AN EVEN 20 It took a while for him to decide, but Avs legend Joe Sakic is coming back for his 20th NHL season. HANG ’EM UP After 16 sturdy seasons, Stu Barnes retires to become an assistant coach with the Stars. CREASE CRISIS Atlanta enters the year with NHL’s shakiest goaltending according to our number-crunching. TOO BAD Unless he gets traded, top prospect John Tavares will be toiling on a very weak Oshawa team. CRAZY TALK Summer doldrums lead to hockey chatter that tends to be overly speculation-heavy.…