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September 18, 2007

September 18, 2007

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McNab earned respect as GM

WHEN DAVID MCNAB’S name was added to the Stanley Cup this summer, it had a familiar ring to it. His father, Max, won an NHL title with the Detroit Red Wings in 1950, but a few years ago, that particular ring on the Cup was removed to make room for more recent winners. So when the Anaheim Ducks won last season, and David – the team’s assistant GM – had his name engraved on it, it meant the world to his father. “Having my name – our family name – go back on the Cup meant a tremendous amount to him,” David said. Max McNab played 128 NHL games, had many successful years in the minors and later served as GM of the Washington Capitals and New Jersey Devils. He died Sept. 2…


Ownership, offense remain unsettled

BURNING QUESTIONS 1. Will the sale of the team succeed? The group of primarily Nashville-based business leaders seeking to buy the Preds has completed its purchase agreement with owner Craig Leipold. But two big steps remain: The group said changes must be made in the lease between the city of Nashville and the Predators. And there is still the matter of NHL approval. 2. Is the franchise stable beyond this season? Season-ticket sales are about 1,000 ahead of this time last year, making it more likely the team will average at least 14,000 fans per game this year – and thereby keep its current lease in place. 3. Who will replace the lost offense? The Predators tied for the most goals in the West last season, but have since said goodbye to…


Phoenix’s plan worth riding out

The Coyotes may be the worst team in the NHL this year – and that’s OK If the Phoenix Coyotes need a scapegoat for their troubles the past four seasons, they can always point to goalie Sean Burke. After all, if Burke hadn’t put together an MVP-caliber season in 2001-02 and single-handedly carried them into the playoffs, the organization surely wouldn’t have been in the dark for so long concerning its identity. It wouldn’t have attempted so many stopgap measures or quick fixes and wouldn’t have wasted money or roster spots on the likes of Tony Amonte, Brett Hull and Peter Nedved, among others. Since the start of the new millennium, Phoenix has been a mediocre team in desperate need of an overhaul. Just before last season’s trade deadline, the front office finally…



Aug. 23 - Sept. 23 ANAHEIM Aug. 27 Chris Kunitz, LW, signed four-year contract extension. ATLANTA Aug. 30 Joel Kwiatkowski, D, signed one-year contract. BOSTON None. BUFFALO None. CALGARY Aug. 28 Mark Giordano, D, signed with Moscow Dynamo (Rus). Sept. 2 Andrei Taratukhin, C, signed with Ufa (Rus). CAROLINA None. CHICAGO None. COLORADO Aug. 27 Brett Clark, D, re-signed two-year contract extension. COLUMBUS Aug. 23 Michael Peca, C, signed one-year contract. DALLAS Aug. 29 Vadim Khomitski, D, signed one-year contract. Aug. 30 Jussi Jokinen, LW, re-signed two-year contract. DETROIT None. EDMONTON None. FLORIDA Aug. 23 Stephen Weiss, C, re-signed six-year contract. LOS ANGELES Aug. 23 Drew Bagnall, D, signed multi-year contract. Aug. 28 J-S Aubin, G, signed one-year contract. Dave Lewis named assistant coach. Richard Petiot, D, re-signed one-year contract. MINNESOTA None. MONTREAL None. NASHVILLE Sept 4 Josh Langfeld, RW, signed one-year contract. NEW JERSEY None. NY ISLANDERS None. NY…