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May 8, 2007

May 8, 2007

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Overtime Overkill?

In an era of regular changing and tweaking of hockey, there’s more and more debate on the merits of streamlining playoff overtime games so they don’t extend into a third or fourth extra frame. Senior writer Mike Brophy and senior editor Sam McCaig had to be separated when they argued the point in the office during the opening round. We put them together in this small space to defend their positions. Vote for your winner at Mike Brophy vs. Sam McCaig As I sat there watching the San Jose Sharks and Nashville Predators skate further and further into the wee hours of the morning, with seemingly no end in sight to Game 1 of their opening round series, all I could ask myself was, why? Why the heck was I still awake when my…


Success stories and blueprints

STATUS REPORT When you think about the term MVP and the Detroit Red Wings, the name Dan Cleary doesn’t exactly float to the top. But with big hits and timely scoring, Cleary was invaluable in helping Detroit disperse of the Calgary Flames in Round 1. This week’s team reports identify a playoff MVP from each successful first round team, as well as a player who needs to step up his game in Round 2. In Vancouver, captain Markus Naslund failed to register a point in six of seven first round games. He needs to start scoring if the Canucks are harboring serious thoughts of a long playoff run, while San Jose wants to see more from Jonathan Cheechoo. For teams that were eliminated in Round 1 or didn’t qualify for the playoffs, we…


Duchesne passes away

A WEEK AFTER SPENDING TIME in the Washington area and getting feedback on how fit he appeared, much-admired former Capitals player Gaetan Duchesne died of a heart attack while exercising in a Quebec City gym April 16. He was 44. Duchesne, who played more than 1,000 NHL games for five teams and nearly won a Cup with the Minnesota North Stars, will be remembered as an honest, hard-working player who had the ability to make others laugh – though that wasn’t always his intention. Case in point: the empty net non-goal. After an opponent had pulled its goalie late in a game, Duchesne got the puck and started down the wing. He wound up to shoot and brought his stick down, but the blade was missing, something everybody saw except Duchesne. Several…


Frozen teachings

The father’s eyes widen as he proudly shows off video clips of his oldest son darting by helpless defensemen on his way to the net. Vladimir Nikiforov played major junior hockey this year for the Barrie Colts and shows flashes of Martin St-Louis, Daniel Briere and Jason Blake – big-time game in a small body. He is not only the son, but yet another impressive product of a popular Lithuanian-born coach who has turned Long Island into a developing ground for hockey talent. Aleksey Nikiforov has personally worked with NHL talents from A (Alexei Yashin) to Z (Dainius Zubrus), but he prefers the development stage over the big stage. The 49-year-old coach works out of The Rinx in Hauppauge, Long Island, and in over 15 years has helped develop NHL players such…