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April 3, 2007

April 3, 2007

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Shanny returns, Fedoruk KO’d

Sixteen games after leaving the ice on a stretcher with a concussion in a collision with Philadelphia’s Mike Knuble, the Rangers’ Brendan Shanahan returned March 21 against the Flyers only to see another player wheeled off in the same manner. This time it was Philadelphia’s Todd Fedoruk, who was knocked out by Rangers enforcer Colton Orr in a fight 21 seconds into the match. “It was eerie,” Shanahan said. Added Orr: “It was a fair fight. I hope he’s all right. It could happen to me, too.” NORTHEAST DIVISION BOSTON A 7-0 loss to the Rangers March 17 was Boston’s 11th defeat of the season by four goals or more…The Bruins weren’t shut out once in their first 35 games. They were blanked five times in the next 37 – three times…


Defensive standout

DARTMOUTH SENIOR defenseman Grant Lewis will never be mistaken for Nicklas Lidstrom. While the latter is one of the NHL’s topscoring defenseman, Lewis prefers his own end of the ice. “I fly under the radar, I guess,” said the 6-foot-3, 197-pound native of Upper St. Clair, Pa. Even more so after tearing ligaments in his ankle during the first game of the season. The injury came after a summer of indecision, when Lewis attended the Atlanta Thrashers prospects camp and speculation arose he would turn pro rather than return for his senior season at Dartmouth. “They (the Thrashers) already had a crowd of young defensemen coming in and it just wasn’t the right time for me,” said Lewis, a touted Atlanta defensive prospect, but not on the Thrashers top-10 list in Future Watch. Then came…


To the Point

WE NEED CLARITY ON HITTING For years, the NHL grappled with obstruction, applying crackdowns only to see them inevitably erode. Finally, it got wise during the lockout, clearly setting out obstruction parameters and insisting officials call them as instructed. There would be little to no room for interpretation, no tolerance for slippage or whining. We’re still living the success of that action. It’s time for the league to do likewise with body contact and enforce crystal-clear boundaries. As it stands, what’s legal and illegal can be murky gray. When a players gets hit from behind, sometimes it’s whistled, other times it’s not because the referees feel a player turned into the check. Occasionally, you’ll see a player make like a torpedo and run an opponent into the boards from a distance;…


Flyers poised for draft day

THE PHILADELPHIA FLYERS have been a last-place team virtually all season, but have a less than 50-50 chance of getting the first pick in the 2007 NHL entry draft. The draft drawing takes place in mid-April after the end of the regular season. The 14 non-playoff teams are part of the lottery to decide the right to pick first overall at the June 22-23 draft in Columbus with the odds of winning the lottery ranging from 25 per cent for the 30th-place team to 0.5 per cent for the 17th-place team. The team winning the draft lottery can move up a maximum of four positions, meaning only the bottom five clubs have a chance at No. 1. Should a team from sixth-worst to 14th-worst win the lottery, they still move up four…