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Money & Power 2024

Money & Power 2024

The Hockey News' sixth annual Money & Power edition is stocked with interviews and features focusing on the financial side of hockey. Inside, you'll find the Top 100 People of Power and Influence, stories on the impact of the war in Ukraine, the Philadelphia Flyers, the Vegas Golden Knights and much more.

Betting On Hockey

All the ‘Bettor’ for It

WHEN ADAM Greenblatt arrived in the United States as the new CEO of BetMGM in October 2018, the extent of the South African’s exposure to the NHL amounted to watching the “televised hockey product” while working in the United Kingdom. “Frankly, it was hard to engage with the speed of the game and the visibility of the puck,” Greenblatt said during a virtual interview in early December. “When I got to New York, I had the good fortune of being looked after by the good folks at (Madison Square Garden), and I started watching some Rangers games. And honestly, from the first game, it was breathtaking to see the athleticism, the physicality, the skill, the skill on skates and the spatial awareness as well. “When you put it all together, it…

NHL Team Valuations


NHL VALUATIONS $975M FORBES $990M SPORTICO $1.1B ROUSTAN OWNERSHIP HERB Fritch FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING, HERB Fritch has one foot out the door. The second is not far behind. In June 2022, Fritch agreed to sell his majority stake in the team – 57 percent – to former Tennessee governor Bill Haslam. The deal consists of four purchases over three years to be completed in 2025. According to the schedule set for the transaction, half of those purchases have been completed, but Fritch still has a 32-percent stake in the franchise while Haslam has 25 percent. When Fritch, who made his fortune in the healthcare industry, decided to sell, he took it upon himself to identify someone who had the wherewithal to make the deal as well as local ties that would preclude any notion to relocate the team.…

Q&A Dan Rich & Nicki Wiart

Dan Rich & Nicki Wiart

W. GRAEME ROUSTAN: What was it like for you to go from handling all the different sports and then now you’re just sort of focusing on Sherwood and growing that brand? DAN RICH: It was obviously very cool spending all of my professional life working in the sporting-goods business with hands-on product development, to be able to get handed the keys to the car for Sherwood Hockey. It was kind of a homecoming, being part of the game all my life. And now, to be working on an elite-level product every single day was a real win, and it was almost like a new resurgence of the energy that you put into your career. So it was very exciting. We started with a very skeleton staff. And then I was super fortunate…

Q&A Georgii Zubko

Georgii Zubko

W. GRAEME ROUSTAN: I’d like you to tell me a little bit about the time leading up to the Russian invasion. What was going on and what was the status of the federation prior to 2022? GEORGII ZUBKO: Three years ago, I became the president of the Ice Hockey Federation of Ukraine. Along with my team, at that moment we understood our goal. Our goal was to take our national team to the top division of international hockey. We made a big plan, and it started with building new ice rinks in Ukraine, in order to grow the number of young hockey players up to 8,000. So, increase by double. Also, increase national championships and increase the number of teams in the Ukrainian League up to 16. It was an ambitious…