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Money & Power 2024

Money & Power 2024

The Hockey News' sixth annual Money & Power edition is stocked with interviews and features focusing on the financial side of hockey. Inside, you'll find the Top 100 People of Power and Influence, stories on the impact of the war in Ukraine, the Philadelphia Flyers, the Vegas Golden Knights and much more.

NHL Team Valuations


NHL VALUATIONS $500M FORBES $675M SPORTICO $1.1B ROUSTAN OWNERSHIP ALEX Meruelo IN THE DAYS before the new season and in the wake of an off-season featuring much of the same tumult that has become synonymous with the Coyotes, team owner Alex Meruelo penned an open letter to fans. Meruelo’s message was one of great optimism. Addressing the Tempe arena proposal – voted down by residents in May – Meruelo admitted his disappointment but expressed confidence in hockey’s future in Arizona. “I can’t ask our players to give it their all on the ice if I don’t do the same as the owner,” he wrote. “Our organization can’t ask them to pick themselves up after a loss if we don’t all do the same ourselves.” Priority No. 1 for Meruelo is finding a new and permanent home for…

NHL Team Valuations


NHL VALUATIONS $1.1B FORBES $1.14B SPORTICO $1.25B ROUSTAN OWNERSHIP MURRAY Edwards ALTHOUGH MUCH HAS changed in terms of who is in power below ownership, the top remains the same with the Calgary Flames. The Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation is spearheaded by global businessman N. Murray Edwards. Co-owners Alvin Libin, Allan Markin and Jeffrey McCaig are also part of the group, but historically, it has been Edwards sitting in on important calls. Not all of those have gone well, and the franchise is still reeling from the losses of Johnny Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk in 2022. Interestingly, though, those outcomes might have finally softened Edwards on his previously rock-hard mantra of avoiding a rebuild at all costs. Even re-tooling had been less than appetizing for an ownership group hell-bent on making the playoffs every season with a…

NHL Team Valuations


NHL VALUATIONS $1.85B FORBES $1.59B SPORTICO $1.75B ROUSTAN OWNERSHIP DARYL Katz DARYL KATZ KEEPS a low public profile, but his impact on the city of Edmonton and the Oilers has been enormous since he bought the club for $200 million in 2008. A decade earlier, the NHL’s northernmost team had been on the brink of being relocated to Houston. A group of local investors saved the team in 1998. Ten years later, Katz took over as sole owner after building his fortune in the pharmacy business. From the outset, Katz’s vision included restoring luster to a franchise that had dominated the NHL landscape in the 1980s and making it one of the NHL’s marquee organizations. In 2009, he purchased the downtown land that would become the 25-acre Ice District and got to work building a first-class arena and other…

Gary Bettman In Their Own Words

Gary Bettman: In The Owners’ Own Words

TO MARK THE OCCASION of Gary Bettman becoming the longest-tenured leader of any of North America’s four major pro sports leagues, we asked a handful of NHL owners the following question: “What impact has Gary Bettman had on the NHL as its longest-serving leader?” Here are their responses. >JEREMY Jacobs POP NHL OWNERS SILO RANK: 1 BOSTON BRUINS OWNER & CHAIRMAN OF THE NHL BOARD OF GOVERNORS “GARY FIRST CAME TO the NHL from the NBA, and while he may not have understood hockey at the outset, he understood the business of sports and what it would take to make the league healthy and well-positioned for growth. “More than anyone, Gary understands the delicate balance of our sport’s rich history and the natural and necessary evolution of the game. Under his leadership, owners and players…