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THN Globe and Mail Edition

THN Globe and Mail Edition

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Special teams play big role

Detroit goaltender Manny Legace turned toward the back wall of the Red Wings dressing room and pointed a finger at four signs posted there. The postings tabulated the NHL rankings in five major categories – overall standings, goals for and against and power play and penalty killing. “That’s what counts,” Legace said. “At the end of the day, that’s what matters most.” Especially the latter two departments. Scotty Bowman posted those signs when he arrived as coach of the team in 1993 and since then they’ve spelled out to the Wings a daily reminder of the significance of special teams to long-term success. And when the intensity is ratcheted up in the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Wings, like every other team, understand the difference between going on and going home might be how well…


Rattled Sabres limp to finish

One of the NHL’s most surprising teams became one of its most enigmatic at the most troubling of times. Few teams were as hot as the Sabres for three-quarters of the season. They had the best special teams in the East. No offense was more balanced. Their goalie was so good hockey experts were aghast when he was overlooked for the U.S. Olympic squad. The Sabres won eight straight games after the break. Then, chaos. Six losses in a row and one victory in nine games heading into April, including a rock-bottom 7-0 whitewash at the hands of the Maple Leafs that caused hearts to sink just as Sabres fans were set to to enjoy their first post-season since 2001. The timing couldn’t be worse. HOW THEY BEAT YOU The Sabres’ skating…



A few years ago Daniel Alfredsson boldly announced his Ottawa Senators would win the Stanley Cup. Then, a few days later, he backed off his ambitious statement by saying something to the affect of, “I didn’t say this year.” The Senators, of course, have not won a Stanley Cup; at least not since 1927. The current incarnation of the Ottawa Senators has yet to even make it to the final since joining the league in 1992-93. So, any predictions for us this year, Daniel? “No,” Alfredsson says with a chuckle. You’re out of the prediction-making business? “Not exactly,” he continues. “I think it will be a great playoffs. There will be some upsets, as always, and it’s going to be really fun playing in the playoffs and watching the other games as well.” OK, if you won’t…


Spring Fever

EXTRA! EXTRA! The experts at The Hockey News and The Globe and Mail have teamed up to provide this unique and authoritative preview of the 2006 NHL playoffs. It’s your guide to everything post-season and a great resource to become king of the water cooler.…