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September 6, 2005

September 6, 2005

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SO MUCH FOR NEW ARBITRATION PROCESS Fans of NHL arbitration weren’t given much of an opportunity to see the new baseball-style system in operation. A record low 13 players were scheduled to have their 2005-06 salary decided by an arbiter, but 10 of them settled before hearings were held. The $3.2 million awarded to Roberto Luongo was the first in which the team took the player to arbitration. (See pg. 22 for more.) Under the new arbitration system, the arbiter chooses either the player’s salary request or the team’s salary offer. Under the old system, the arbiter was able to find a medium salary between request and offer and that was virtually the case every time. An all-time high 67 players filed for arbitration in 2004. An average of 40 players…



Answers in next issue and @ ACROSS 1 Savvis Center city (an NHL city since 1967) 4 First name of 2000 Hart winner 7 Drafted first overall in 2002 8 He tended net for the Caps and Blackhawks in the late 1980s 10 Frolov and Mogilny 12 Rob ___, pictured 13 AHL’s Portland Pirates were based in this state (not Oregon) 14 Eric ___ is often seen on Hockey Night in Canada 18 Mental outlook 19 Habs’ great ___ Beliveau 20 Mario Lemieux is majority ___ of the Penguins 21 NHL teams played this many games before expansion in 1967 DOWN 1 Famed skater ___ Henie 2 Radek Bonk spent a season in this gambling mecca 3 Goalie who has stopped many shots said to have ‘___ on head’ 4 Give-and-take 5 Trophy won many times by Mario Lemieux 6 Where Doug Wilson calls shots 9 He steered Knights to…


Cats win Luongo case …but at what price?

Roberto Luongo was the first high-profile player to go to salary arbitration in the new, cost-certain NHL. Unfortunately for him, he was also the first to lose out in the process. Only hours after reportedly rejecting a five-year, $25-million offer from the Panthers, Luongo and agent Gilles Lupien made their case to arbitrator Vernon Gill in Toronto Aug. 25. The next day, Gill awarded the team’s top goaltender a one-year, $3.2-million contract. Reports had Luongo looking for a two-year, $8-million deal that would have allowed him to become an unrestricted free agent in 2007. In 2003-04, Luongo was the NHL’s 29thhighest paid goalie at $1.9 million. “If the price would have been right I would have agreed to a five-year deal,” said Luongo to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel after the hearing. “In the…



A FRESH START, BUT… Here’s hoping Dany Heatley is able put the past behind him and get his act together in Ottawa. RETURN OF 99 He has been a success at everything he has tried, so why wouldn’t Wayne Gretzky be a great coach? BIG BOLTS Defending league champion Tampa Bay takes care of stars Vinny Lecavalier and Martin St-Louis with multi-year deals.…