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October 31, 2006

October 31, 2006

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No boundaries for good stories

ACCORDING TO ASTRONOMERS there is no definable center of the universe. Just don’t try telling that to fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Canada’s biggest city is home of the hockey world’s No. 1 sense of entitlement. And it’s not difficult to see the logic behind the self-grandeur. The NHL’s Canadian office is located here. The Hockey Hall of Fame is located here. The main studios for all three major Canadian hockey broadcasters are located here. The NHL awards are perennially located here. Big games for the World Cups (nee Canada Cup) are frequently located here. The Hockey News is located here. The original Stanley Cup bowl is located here, on display at the Hall 365 days a year. The glitch? No Maple Leafs player has held the Cup or even come close…


Old hands wanted for Caps defense

BIGGEST NEED The Capitals are in the midst of a massive rebuilding program and the area that needs the most help is defense, which also happens to be the most sought-after commodity in the league. The Caps have most of the parts in-house, but miss the one thing that can’t be hurried – experience. The top pair, Brian Pothier, 29, and Shaone Morrisonn, 23, are good together and getting better. The second unit has Ben Clymer, 28, and Steve Eminger, 23, and the jury is debating. Clymer is going back to his natural position and needs time to adjust; Eminger has some good nights, but more mediocre nights than he should at his age. Jamie Heward, 35, is tutoring Mike Green, 21, on the finer points of the NHL. What is missing…


Son nearly slipped away, but now playing for dad

Many college coaches travel back and forth across the continent to find recruits. Dartmouth coach Bob Gaudet just had to look across the kitchen table – and talk to a friend of his wife’s. Gaudet’s son, Joey, an undrafted 19-year-old right winger, joined the Big Green as a freshman this season. Oddly enough, coach Gaudet nearly let this recruit slip away. “I got tipped off that he wanted to come to Dartmouth by talking to a friend of his mother’s,” Gaudet said. Although he’s not expected to emerge as one of Dartmouth’s biggest offensive threats this season, Joey has tremendous poise with the puck and a knack for scoring in clutch situations, which should translate into a lot of ice time. “I’m sure he’s going to have times when he’s…


Got something to say?

Vision problems I wish the hockey media would leave the visor issue alone. I’m very tired of hearing about it. I don’t wear a Kevlar body suit and a space helmet while I’m landscaping; why should the players be forced to wear something they feel impedes them? Also, who doesn’t remember Craig MacTavish flying around with no lid on in the dying throes of those days? Or helmetless Brad Marsh, after being named the third star of a game, skating three loops around center ice as fast as he could like a novice house-leaguer when the two-minute buzzer goes? I think forcing visors on the game takes away from the individuality of the players, as forcing everyone to wear helmets did. JEREMY HUYGEN, MITCHELL, ONT. Pens’ state I’m sick and tired of hearing people talk about taking…