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October 14, 2003

October 14, 2003

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Enigmatic Yashin firmly supports trap

Offensive players in the NHL hate to play against the dreaded trap, but Alexei Yashin is fully behind its implementation as the Islanders’ new defensive system. The team believes their star center’s defensive burden will lessen under a defensive concept more team-driven than the gambling style they employed under ex-coach Peter Laviolette. New bench boss Steve Stirling predicts Yashin will thrive in the transition game the clogging system will spawn. “It’s about finding the right system for the type of players we have, the one where we all can benefit the most, and I think this system makes us much more stable,” said Yashin, who thrived under a similar style in Ottawa. COACH’S PHILOSOPHY Stirling’s implementation of a 1-2-2 trap is the most obvious change from Laviolette, but the new coach also vowed to…


GM Gainey condemns jeering of Brisebois

Buying a ticket has its privileges, but according to Montreal Canadiens GM Bob Gainey, it doesn’t provide fans with the right to boo a player who’s near the top of his game. Gainey blasted Bell Centre fans who brayed at blueliner Patrice Brisebois during an exhibition game against Buffalo. Brisebois scored the insurance goal in a 3-1 win. “We don’t want those fans,” Gainey said. “Patrice Brisebois has been a good player for us. Is he perfect? No, but none of us are.” Brisebois has long been the favorite whipping boy for a segment of Montreal supporters, a group the GM has lost patience with. “They’re yellow fans,” he said. “I wish they would stand up. Stand up, you gutless bastards, where we can see you instead of hiding in the shadows.” COACH’S PHILOSOPHY They…



You win some, you lose some. That’s the way things go when you peer into the future. Here at The Hockey News, we just want to get better every year. If more of our predictions turn out to be on the mark this year than last, things are heading in the right direction. Fortunately, we’ve hit on a foolproof way to make sure that happens. We make more of them. Last season we cashed in on a few of our 10 fearless forecasts. We said Joe Thornton would have a huge season and would challenge for the Art Ross Trophy, similar to the way Jarome Iginla did in 2001-02. Thornton didn’t win the scoring title, but we’ll take five points away as a gimme. We also pegged Anaheim to end a long…


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