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April 26, 2002

April 26, 2002

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If ice gets too hot, get out of playoffs

You can almost feel it, hear it in their interviews, see it on their faces, It’s playoff time and there’s a change. In a sport known for violence, passion and a fervent dislike of certain opponents, this is when the animosity climbs to another plateau. The level of intensity, of contact and intimidation is what I appreciate mostabout the playoffs. Fighters intimidate no one in the playoffs. What is intimidating is the vicious reception players receive when they go into the corners, along the boards or in front of the net. For the next two months, these are nasty, nasty places. Imagine facing Darius Kaspariatis for seven games over 14 days, knowing every time he’s on the ice, he’d love nothing more than to make you unavailable for the rest of the…


Advantage: Visitors

Your goal all season is to earn home-ice advantage in the playoffs and then what happens? You make it to the Stanley Cup final and suddenly the odds are against you. Or are they? It depends on how you look at it. “Home-ice advantage paid off last year,” said Detroit coach Scotty Bowman. “Colorado won the biggest game of the year at home.” On the flip side, Bowman says getting home ice doesn’t mean you’ll win every time in your building. “If you think you can go all the way without having to win a big road game, you are probably wrong,” he said. The reality is, there is home-ice advantage through the first three rounds of the playoffs, but it disappears in the final. In fact, numbers over the past 10 years suggest…


AHL Stats



Philadelphia Flyers Pos: Center Age: 32 Birthplace: Boston, Mass. Hockey career highlight? “Right now it would have to be winning the silver medal at the Olympics. It was a very, very memorable experience. That’s the highlight for now. A Stanley Cup victory would blow everything I’ve ever done out of the water.” Coolest thing in your room when you were growing up? “A life-sized, signed poster of Bobby Carpenter. I was a big fan of Bobby Carpenter when I was a kid.” Favorite cereal? “Corn Pops. They’re light in the stomach and crunchy. I like crunchy cereals.” What will you do when you retire from the NHL? “Maybe have my own show on TV, talking about sports. Telling the truth about sports. Having my own ideas about sports.” What is the “truth about sports?” “I really can’t tell until I’m done with…