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March 15, 2002

March 15, 2002

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Silver lining for future

Having restored worldwide faith in the Canadian loonie the aptly named dollar of our 51st state - America can now turn its attends » attention to the post-Olympic silver market. Namely, what’s in it for us? A Canadian icemaker/infiltrator buried a loonie for luck under the Olympic ice in Salt Lake. And the coin worked like a charm in Canada’s gold medal games against the American hosts and hostesses. It’s obvious what those victories mean to Canadians. Vindication of life as they know it. But will the silver medal cause ripples south of the Great White North? If so, can they compare to the aftershock of the miraculous gold medal of 1980? One merciful plus: our boys came to play like All-Americans; not play around like frat brothers in Hell Week, as they…


Hey, NHL: Games on in 2006!

Regarding NHL participation in the Olympics: Do it again in 2006. The sight of Jaromir Jagr skating harder than he has all season; of Mats Sundin’s exquisite skills on the big ice; of the joy of winning on Pavel Bure’s face; and lastly, of a smiling Mario Lemieux in Team Canada’s colors for the first time since 1987… this is as good as hockey gets. In fact, the “International Day of Hockey” (Feb. 20) - in which all four quarterfinal games were televised back-to-back - has become my favorite day, jumping just ahead of my upcoming wedding. Anders Bard, Los Angeles Game great, but Gretzky grates When the TV commentator said, “Wait no more Canada, the gold is yours,” I felt a great sadness. More than anything, I wanted the U.S. to win the men’s…


Canada, hockey big winners in Salt Lake

Double gold for Canada - and a double win for hockey. The 2002 Olympics were fantastic! Kenneth Clark, Boston Congratulations to Canada’s women’s hockey team for capturing Olympic gold! They showed a lot of heart in beating the U.S. Bruce Ellis, Gibbsboro, N.J. The only thing the NHL should adapt from the Olympics is the quick faceoffs. Don’t eliminate the red line because it cheapens the game. Erin Butler, Salt Spring Island, B.C. Why did an American ref do the Canada-U.S. women’s gold medal game? At least Canada was able to overcome the horrible officiating with focus, passion and desire. Darren McMillan, Calgary Patrick Roy turned down Canada to focus on the Avalanche - and was ripped for not being a team player. Mario Lemieux took off some NHL games in Pittsburgh to focus on Team Canada -…


Up-and-down return for Habs after break

Coach Michel Therrien was buoyed by the return of Patrice Brisebois and a strong outing by Jeff Hackett, though he was less than impressed by Gino Odjick’s conduct as the Canadiens returned to play following the Olympic break. While Brisebois played back-to-back games in his return to the lineup after missing 10 games due to a broken ankle, Odjick moved from the frying pan into the fire by leaving the team after he took a pair of costly penalties in a 5-2 loss to Ottawa Feb. 26. Odjick was called for offensive-zone transgressions twice in the game and the Senators scored key goals on both of the resulting power plays. The 12-year veteran failed to board the bus to the airport immediately following the game for the team’s flight to Chicago. He was…