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February 1, 2002

February 1, 2002

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2002 All-Star Game

NORTH AMERICA Mario Lemieux, Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy have a shot at a perfect 10 that is, the 52nd NHL All-Star Game in Los Angeles Feb. 2 will be their 10th midseason classic. Meantime, seven North Americans will be making their first appearance. North American all-stars are listed with team, All-Star Game appearances (ASG) and 2001-02 statistics.…


Canadian women axe Drolet after scoring touch dries up

There was no huge outcry when the decision was made to cut Nancy Drolet from Canada’s Olympic women’s team. Drolet, 28, was dropped from the team three weeks before the Salt Lake Games in favor of Cheri Piper because Drolet lost her scoring touch, said coach Danielle Sauvageau. “This year for some reason she could not score,” Sauvageau said. “You can’t live off reputation at this level. You have to work and perform. I’m sure she was trying her best, but there comes a point you don’t keep a player on what she has done.” Drolet, a veteran of six world championships, had a knack of scoring big goals. She scored in overtime to clinch world titles for Canada in 1997 and 2000. The Canadian women lost eight straight games against the U.S.…


No contract talk for Selanne, Sharks

The San Jose Sharks and Teemu Selanne remain true to their word. There apparently are no plans to talk about a contract extension before the season ends. “I don’t think there’s an expectation we would do it before the year is out,” said Selanne’s agent, Don Baizley “And I think that’s the consensus on both sides.” Selanne, 31 and eligible for unrestricted free-agent status July 1, is in the final year of a contract that pays him $9.5 million this season, $3 million of which is still being paid by Anaheim. Assuming Selanne is not dealt before the trade deadline, the Sharks risk losing him for nothing more than compensatory draft picks. “If they (the Sharks) like us and he (Selanne) likes them, we’ll find a way to get this done,” Baizley said.…


Leaf boss Quinn signs on for more

Pat Quinn is the only NHL executive to hold the dual roles of coach and GM and it could very well be that way for three more years. Quinn formally agreed to a three-year contract extension Jan. 15 which will reportedly pay him $2 million (U.S.) in each of the next two seasons and $2.5 million in 2004-05. The framework of the contract had been in place for months, but there appeared to be disagreement between Quinn and president Ken Dryden over who would choose Quinn’s successor as GM if he decided to relinquish one of his titles. Quinn and Dryden were purposely vague when the deal was announced, but it’s roundly believed that Quinn got his way and will choose the GM if he sees fit. When asked whether he would continue…