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January 26, 2001

January 26, 2001

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Damage control the goal against magnificent Mario

Maybe the best measure of Mario Lemieux’s offensive onslaught was that teams were thrilled to hold him to two points. All the talk after a 5-2 loss to the Boston Drums was now the defense pairing of Hal Gill and Kyle McLaren kept the Penguins’ top line in check. To a certain extent, that was true, but Lemieux also scored two goals to give him six goals and 16 points in his first six games since coming out of retirement. Though unfailingly polite and co-operative with the media, lending all sorts of unprecedented access to reporters and television cameras, Lemieux grew frustrated in Boston with constant questions asking whether he welcomed physical play. “I’m going to answer this for the last time,” Lemieux said. “The physical part is part of the game. If I…


One-time rivals revive thankful Renegades

NOTE BOOK Richmond coach Mark Kaufman won’t deny the hearty dislike he felt last season for Rod Taylor and Richard Pitirri when they played for the Renegades’ East Coast League archrival, the Hampton Roads Admirals. “We certainly had a lot of competitive hate toward that team and those players, but there also was a healthy respect for what they could do,” Kaufman said. With the Admirals on hiatus for a year, Taylor and Pitirri are among a group of five former Hampton Roads’ players signed by Kaufman last summer and after a slow start, the Renegades are closing in on the top of the ECHL standings and the former enemies are winning over fans. Under contract with the Washington Capitals, the 23-year-old Pitirri is blossoming in his second pro season. After serving primarily as…


Concussions baffle Flames’ doctors

How does a team lose eight players to concussions in less than a month? It was a headache that had members of the Calgary Flames’ medial staff scratching their heads as the team reached mid-season. Dr. Winne Meeuwisse, chairman of the NHL physicians’ injury committee, believes there isn’t a single isolated reason why six Flames’ players suffered concussions or concussion-like symptoms in a span of only four games. The tally: Phil Housley, Mike Vernon, Brad Werenka, Jason Wiemer, Marc Savard, Toni Lydman, Oleg Saprykin and Denis Gauthier. The good news is four of the eight were cleared by play for a 2-1 win over Nashville Jan. 11: Housley, Vernon, Savard and Gauthier. Asked about the rash of injuries, team captain Dave Lowry said: “It’s frustrating from a players’ standpoint, because a lot of times, they…



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