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November 3, 2000

November 3, 2000

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Preds a work, work, work in progress

Told that an NHL veteran considers his Nashville Predators one of the toughest teams to play against, coach Barry Trotz smiled. “That’s quite a compliment,” he said.”That’s exactly what we’re looking for. “We’re not a big, physical team, but we do compete. That’s a skill every bit as important as stickhandling or shooting. A lot of players say it, but not a lot do it. We knew we’d be starting out with a lot of fringe players and, if we’re going to win, we have to do it as a gang. We have a pack mentality.” The Predators had 28 wins in each of their first two campaigns and improved by seven points last year because the NHL began awarding a point for 4-on-4 overtime losses. Despite treading water in terms of wins and…


Ohlund eye setback nasty surprise

After sailing through camp and the first two weeks of the season without an injury, the Vancouver were dealt a blow in mid-October. Defenseman Mattias Ohlund, who helped Vancouver to a 5-2-0 start, required a third surgical procedure on the right eye that was damaged Sept. 21,1999, when it was hit by a deflected puck. Regular monitoring showed the pressure behind Ohlund’s eye had increased to twice the normal level. “It’s not an emergency, but it’s something he needs,” said team doctor Bill Regan.”If he doesn’t get it done now, there’s nothing that would happen overnight. But a year from now, there could be an effect.” Ohlund, 24, was not wearing a visor when he sustained the original injury during a preseason game in Ottawa. He missed the first three months of last season. “I’m…


Captain Nolan $6-million dollar man after biggest deal in Sharks history

Ownership’s willingness to go the extra step and Owen Nolan’s decision to commit long term unlocked a contract impasse between the two parties, leading to an unprecedented deal that will keep the team captain in San Jose through the expiration of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement in 2004. Nolan’s five-year deal, which includes an option for a sixth year, means in addition to extending beyond a possible work stoppage in 2004-05, the 28-year-old power forward is giving up the option of testing the unrestricted free agent waters for possibly as many as three years. His deal averages approximately $6 million annually. “I was with Quebec a long time,” said Nolan, who played five-plus seasons with the Nordique franchise before being traded by Colorado to San Jose Sandis Ozolinsh in October, 1995.”I saw…


Quick-draw Perreault makes timely return

It seemed fitting the quickest draw in hockey made his debut in Western Canada. Yanic Perreault, the NHL’s best faceoff man last season, returned to the Toronto Maple Leafs’ lineup Oct. 19 against Edmonton after missing six months with surgery on his left knee. And if his performance in the faceoff circle was any indication, Perreault hadn’t missed a beat. In a 4-1 win, Perreault won the first draw he took and 11 of 15 for a game-high 73 per-cent success rate. “It felt good, but my timing is off a bit,” Perreault said.”It probably took me a second too long to make plays, but I didn’t think about my knee.” The Leafs were a better team with Perreault in the lineup. Now they will wait until Nik Antropov returns from right knee surgery…