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March 26, 1999

March 26, 1999

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Toughness need addressed as ex-Sabre Barnaby barrels into town

The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Carolina Hurricanes, 3-2 March 10, but were physically pounded in the process. The next day, the Pens made their move: They acquired tough guy Matthew Barnaby from the Buffalo Sabres for power play specialist Stu Barnes. In Barnaby, the Penguins hope they get the player who tore through opponents in last year's playoffs, not the one who produced next to nothing for the Sabres the past two regular seasons. “I think he's a real competitive guy,” said Penguins' coach Kevin Constantine. “He had a great playoffs last year. We've been a team all year where we said there are a couple of ingredients we don't have. One is real toughness. He's not a real heavyweight, but he gives us the ability to play in more of a physical,…


Young defenders set to challenge

It was supposed to be a bleak draft year for the Boston Bruins. The 1998 crop wasn't considered strong in the first place, and the Bruins had no first round pick because they'd already used it in a November, 1996 trade. A year later, it looks like the Bruins might have made out okay. One of the players they spent the 1998 first-rounder on-right winger Landon Wilson-remains a top prospect after a dominant American League season. The first two players selected last year, Jonathan Girard and Bobby Allen, have solid NHL potential, as well. Up front, the good news isn't who's on the list, but who isn't. Among those not included in Boston's top five were the top scorers in the NCAA (North Dakota's Lee Goren) and American League (Randy Robitaille), plus several…


THN's Millennium

TIME CAPSULE Roberto Luongo's status as the No. 1 prospect in Future Watch this week doesn't guarantee he's going to be an NHL star, but our track record says he will. Since we started ranking each NHL team's prospects and the top 50 overall in 1994, all eyes have been on the No. 1 player. Peter Forsberg (1994) is one of the game's brightest stars for the Colorado Avalanche. Ed Jovanovski (1995) and Bryan Berard (1996) are cornerstone defenseman just now entering their prime. Goalie Marc Denis (1997) is still Colorado's top prospect and No. 7 overall this year. And Marian Hossa (1998) is making an excellent impression with the Ottawa Senators. That brings us to Luongo, this year's top prospect. He's projected as the New York Islanders' franchise goalie of the future,…


No superstars on Habs' horizon

The Montreal Canadiens believe the players are in place to keep the puck out of their net in the future, but they might be wondering where the offensive production will come from. The Canadiens have two potentially prosperous goaltenders in their farm system, in Jose Theodore and Mathieu Garon, but could be lacking the player who will score. “I wish we had better top notch prospects,” admitted Pierre Dorion, the Canadiens' chief scout. “We don't have a superstar coming in, but you've got to pick within the top five or 10 for that and we generally haven't picked that early, so it's tough to demand that.” Here are the top five prospects in order: 1. Mathieu Garon, G, Fredericton: At 6-foot-2 and 187 pounds, the Canadiens figure Garon's the ideal size to confound shooters.…