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May 15, 1998

May 15, 1998

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Fuhr defies logic by excelling as NHL senior

Grant Fuhr has survived reconstructive knee surgery, cocaine abuse, and two unsuccessful marriages. Money has flowed through more holes in Fuhr’s pockets than shooters have discovered between Jason Muzzatti’s legs. Fuhr has developed more spare tires than Goodyear, has spent a larger part of his career burning off calories than has Jenny Craig. The body of this St. Louis Blues’ goalie has fallen apart more often than Marcel Aubut’s handshake deals. Fuhr figured to have about as much chance of playing at a high level at age 35 as the Lightning had playing into May. “Everybody thought it was time for me to move on and I’m proving them wrong,” Fuhr says. “I’m having fun with that.” Of course, part of the problem always was Fuhr having too much fun with everything. Forgetting…


Milbury ’In the Zen mode’ as thoughts turn to future

While Mike Milbury wrestled with the decision whether to continue coaching the New York Islanders or concentrate on his duties as GM, many other important decisions were on hold. Club sources put reporters on alert an announcement would be made between May 3 and 6. Indications were new owners Steven Gluckstem and Howard Milstein were trying to convince Milbury to stay as coach with reduced GM duties. A club source said Milbury would prefer to give up coaching, hire a replacement and remain as GM. “I’m trying to convince Mike,” Gluckstem said, “to come with an open mind to look at what’s best for the franchise. Different things could happen. I want to fully explore all the models.” Milbury went to Florida for a few days to mull over how to argue his…


Sabres’ captain Peca pays tribute to ex-GM Muckier for building team

The Buffalo Sabres were having some success in the playoffs this spring, but they hadn’t forgotten their roots. “You have to give some credit to (John) Muckier,” said Sabres’ captain Michael Peca. “Muckier did a good job, really.” Peca, who was also free with his praise of fired coach Ted Nolan last season, noted it was Muckier who brought in the core of the team including himself, defenseman Mike Wilson and several up-and-coming European players who were making an impact. Muckier was fired as the team’s GM last season, as was Nolan, after the two squabbled all season. Nolan, the NHL’s coach of the year in 1996-97, remains unemployed, but Muckier was hired as coach of the New York Rangers late in the year after the Blueshirts fired Colin Campbell. “(Muckier) was able to…


Seat licenses in offing for new arena

The biggest decisions of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the early off-season concerned the future of coach Mike Murphy and the pursuit of high-priced free agents. The most controversial item on the franchise’s agenda, however, won’t have anything to do with improving the on-ice product. It is believed the Maple Leafs will become the first NHL team to institute personal seat licenses for season ticket holders when they move into the Air Canada Centre. Given that some of the long-time patrons of Maple Leaf Gardens have held their seats for 30 years or more, many are already upset about the notion. The issue gained more prominence in late April when Leaf president Ken Dryden and representatives from the other five Canadian NHL franchises put their cases to a Canadian parliamentary committee, asking…