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April 10, 1998

April 10, 1998

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Big talent Richer can’t deal with heat

The Skinny: Stephane Richer twice scored 50 goals for the Montreal Canadiens, twice won the Stanley Cup, has been ultra-productive at times in the playoffs and has the size, strength, speed and skill that would be the envy of most any player. Traded three times in his career-twice by Montreal-the right winger has had only 42 goals over the past two seasons and had 14 in 38 games with the Tampa Bay Lightning this season. Question: Why isn’t Richer a major star? Answer: Richer can’t stand the pressure that goes with being a star. “I don’t know if players today are as hungry as they were,” said Tampa coach Jacques Demers, “and Steph sometimes likes to find that comfort zone. But he has played well for us. There’s no pressure on him here like…






What you need to know about the 1997-98 season

Dominant again Buffalo’s Dominik Hasek, with 11 shutouts this season, is the first NHL goalie to get that many since Bernie Parent, who had 12 in 1974-75. Hasek, who had 10 shutouts last season, is also the first since Parent (‘73-74 and ‘74-75) to post back-to-back double-digit shutout years. Buy a datebook The Lester Patrick Awards luncheon in St. Paul, Minn., March 24 was, by all accounts, a fine affair. But Ranger GM Neil Smith, Carolina GM Jim Rutherford and Anaheim assistant GM David McNab, among others, will have to take our word for it. All three should have, and would have, been there if an NHL scheduling conflict hadn’t put the affair within hours of the trade deadline. Smith usually presents the awards on behalf of the Rangers. Rutherford is…