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January 2, 1998

January 2, 1998

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Kariya got better without even playing

Paul Kariya’s 71-day contract impasse with the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim gave him ample time to do two things he likes most-think and wort out. This is not good news if you have to play against him. Players rarely get better when they sit out for long periods of time, but it looks as though Kariya has defied common practice. With three goals and five points in his first two games, it certainly doesn’t look like the layoff hurt him. But that’s largely because Kariya is one of the most dedicated athletes in the NHL and uses his time off to do more than lower his handicap. While much of the hockey world speculated whether or not he’d even be back in uniform this season, Kariya approached it as though every day were…


Philadelphia will cash in and grab ’98 Stanley Cup

To come up with this edition of our annual New Year’s predictions, we lit up Kirk McLean like a candle, burned an incensed Pierre Page, and raised the spirits of the dead. We were assured by the Tampa Bay Lightning that life on the other side is not all it is cracked up to be. It’s not easy being all-knowing, all-seeing. You know more than you want to about Enrico Ciccone, see far too much of Michel Petit. Last year we predicted the firing of Doug MacLean to within five days of its actual occurrence, which, as Pat Falloon says whenever he has to go to the boards against Jeff Beukeboom, is way too close for comfort. We’re trying to do comedy here and it turns out to be tragedy. So we…