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December 26, 1997

December 26, 1997

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Kariyan War Ends

So, from how far out of the wild blue yonder was the Mighty Ducks’ signing of Paul Kariya? Well, by late afternoon Dec. 10, Kariya’s agent Don Baizley was telling inquiring minds, in all sincerity, that there was nothing new to report in the standoff. Several hours later, the Kariyan War was over, with the Ducks offering unconditional surrender. The next day, Anaheim and Kariya announced an agreement on a two-year deal that will cost the Ducks $14 million, $12 million of which ends up in the player’s pocket. The other $2 million-effectively Kariya’s retroactive pay for the 32 games he missed-will be disbursed, at Kariya’s request, to Orange County charities. Kariya practised with the Ducks Dec. 11 and was in the lineup Dec. 12, when Anaheim played host to the Washington Capitals,…


Marchment says he’ll adapt style

Bryan Marchment feels he didn’t do the crime and shouldn’t have done the time. But his three-game suspension for a hit on Dallas Stars’ center Mike Modano that caused a tom knee ligament is history and Marchment is eager to get back on track. “In my heart, yes, I meant to go hit him and let him know I was out there,” Marchment said. “I didn’t go out there with the intent to blow his knee out and get suspended. It’s never fun to miss games.” The call was made by linesman Dan Schachte as referee Mark Faucette said he didn’t see it. Marchment was assessed a major and match for kneeing and NHL vice-president Brian Burke lowered the boom on Marchment, a repeat offender, who had a clean record the past two…