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January 24, 1997

January 24, 1997

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Louisville spotlight focused on women’s gear

When it comes to its 1997 product line, Louisville Hockey admits it’s out chasing women. And not only is the move politically correct, it also seems to make marketing sense. In response to the growth of female hockey, Louisville is introducing a full line of equipment specially designed to women’s bodies and style of play. Louisville hasn’t neglected the traditional hockey market and will unveil several new men’s offerings at the Montreal International Sports Exhibition. However, the new women’s line could cause a successful stir in a very traditional industry. “Louisville has done very well supporting women’s fast pitch softball, so now it’s focusing some attention on women’s hockey,” said Kelly Dyer, one of four elite level female players on the Louisville staff advisory board. “Women’s hockey is growing by leaps and bounds,…


Quinn: Stop whining and start winning

Vancouver Canucks’ GM Pat Quinn doesn’t buy the criticism, some of it coming from his own player, Alexander Mogilny, that his team is floundering due to the lack of an elite center. In his 10 years at the helm, Quinn has been unable to draft, trade for, or sign a true playmaking center. The media and fans continuously pointed this out before Mogilny joined the fray. Undaunted, the boss called the no-center theory nothing more than a convenient excuse for a group not living up to expectations. “Last year there was the claim they hated the coach,” said Quinn, referring to Rick Ley, who was ultimately fired. “There are never ever good excuses. We’ve got an excuse-we don’t have the center. Well, that’s baloney.” Quinn did admit his grand plan for a Stanley…


Get an edge with FASTRAX

FASTRAX is a revolutionary new product designed to enhance skate blade performance. It ensures the fastest and smoothest possible flow of the skate blade on the ice surface. FASTRAX fills the depths of the asperities in the radius of hollow caused by sharpening. It is applied after sharpening by the skate sharpener and applied by the skater after each session on the ice to maintain consistent performance. FASTRAX must be shaken before applying to mix contents for maximum results. FASTRAX is simply a resin that is taken into the blade by the carriers which evaporate, leaving the resin bonded to the skate blade. FASTRAX can be ordered through our ad or take this article and the ads to your sharpener, have him order 20-8 ml bottles, we will enclose a free bottle for you. If…


Starting Over

The troubling story of colorful ex-Western League coach Graham James’ conviction for sexual assaulting two former members of the Swift Current Broncos has rocked the hockey world. Boston Bruins’ right winger Sheldon Kennedy identified himself as one of the victims during a interview Jan. 4 in a Calgary hotel room. Editor-in-Chief Steve Dryden represented The Hockey News, one of four newspapers invited to speak with Kennedy. Four days later, THN conducted a telephone interview with James, who began serving a 3-1/2-year sentence at an Edmonton prison. THN covers the story in this five-page special report. Additional stories appear on pgs. 18,19 and 32. CALGARY-Sheldon Kennedy was bom 27 years ago in rural Manitoba. He has been reborn the past five months. “It’s like you’re learning to live again,” he said. “I’m starting…