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May 3, 1996

May 3, 1996

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Hartsburg faces mentor in first-round match-up

Chicago Blackhawks’ coach Craig Hartsburg credits Pierre Page with getting him hooked on the profession, so it was special for him to face Page’s Calgary Flames in his first playoff series as an NHL head coach. “I learned a lot from Pierre in a short time,” said Hartsburg, who was Page’s assistant with the Minnesota North Stars in 1988-89. “He got me interested in this business and one of the reasons why I kept in the game.” Hartsburg had an admirable first regular season with the Blackhawks, showing why he’s considered one of the finest young coaches in the game. He inherited a veteran team set in its ways, changed systems, sat veterans when needed and finished with 94 points to grab the third seed in the Western Conference. Page admires the job…





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Reaching 50-goal plateau consolation prize for Kariya

Eliminated from the playoff race the night before their final game, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim didn’t seem to have much to play for. All they had was pride and Paul Kariya’s 50th goal. Kariya scored twice during the Ducks’ 5-2 season-ending victory over the Winnipeg Jets to become the eighth NHL player to reach 50 goals this season. More impressive, Kariya is only the 16th player in NHL history to score 50 goals in a season before the age of 22. He and Pavel Bure, who scored 60 goals at 21 in 1993, are the only players that young to manage the feat in the past eight years. “I’m not big into points and goals,” said Kariya, 21. “But (coach Ron Wilson) told me, ‘As long as you have the chance to do…