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December 15, 1995

December 15, 1995

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Franchise uncertainties have likely put expansion on hold in the NHL. Earlier this season, commissioner Gary Bettman didn’t rule out an expansion team starting up as early as next season, but acknowledged the odds were growing longer each day. As the league prepared for its annual winter board of governors meeting (Dec. 14-15, Palm Beach, Fla.), it appeared a certainty there would be no snap selections as new teams. That’s what happened the last time the NHL expanded. One day before designating Bettman commissioner-in-waiting Dec. 11, 1992, the NHL quickly added the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and Florida Panthers as the 25th and 26th teams. They both began play within 10 months. That hastiness may not have helped the Panthers who three years later don’t have an adequate facility, nor…


Kozlov investment a long-term project

At 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds, Viktor Kozlov has a major league body. By all accounts, he has major league skating speed and puck-handling skills. Yet, two years after the San Jose Sharks selected him with the sixth overall pick in the 1993 NHL entry draft, Kozlov still isn’t wearing a major league uniform. For the second straight season, San Jose assigned Kozlov to its farm team, the Kansas City Blades of the International League. Kozlov failed to score in five San Jose games earlier this season before his demotion. Kozlov was assigned to the Blades last March 30, played in four regularseason games, then 13 playoff games, contributing nine points. An ankle injury kept him out of the Turner Cup championship series against the Denver Grizzlies. Kozlov has taken his latest move to the…




Desrosiers new coach in Saginaw

Owners Khaled M. Shukairy of the Flint Generals and Mostafa Afr of the Detroit Falcons purchased the financially troubled Saginaw Wheels from the Colonial League. The ColHL seized the Wheels from previous owner Tom Kirkconnell Nov. 14 after Kirkconnell failed to pay his players on time. Shukairy and Afr each purchased 40 per cent of the team Nov. 21 while Abdelmajid Jondy purchased 20 per cent. Jondy’s 24-year-old son, Mu-hanad. was named managing partner to avoid a conflict of interest for Shukairy and Afr. Before the sale, the board of governors waived a bylaw that prevents one owner from owning more than 20 per cent of another team. They did so because the league wanted to sell the franchise as soon as possible. The purchase price was undisclosed, but it’s believed the Wheels were…