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December 7, 1990

December 7, 1990

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The QMJHL isn’t the exclusive preserve of high-powered forwards after all. In fact, the QMJHL is the lowest-scoring of the three major junior leagues this year with 8.14 goals per game. Both the Western League (8.89) and Ontario League (8.83) had higher averages through games of Nov. 18. Over the past five years, the QMJHL average has dropped by more than two goals from a Canadian Hockey League-high 10.3 per game in 1986-87. The QMJHL has long had a reputation for goals more than defensive grit. Here’s a look at the averages from CHL regular-season games since 1986-87.…



Figuring out just who might gel expansion franchises remains a pretty tough call, mostly because the league has yet to specify how many—if any—teams it will add. NHL president John Ziegler announced last year plans for the league to expand by seven teams by the end of the century. The San Jose franchise is in place for the 1991-92 season, leaving six more spots open. All the league has said officially is that it will •’consider” applications for “one or more” teams to join in time for the 1992-93 season Popular wisdom has it that the league will award two franchises next month, but there are several scenarios that could unfold: 1. No expansion franchises. Several league governors have indicated that deciding to forego expansion in 1992 is possible if the applications don’t…



If you’re Petri Skriko, you have to wonder about your future with the Vancouver Canucks. For six seasons a fixture at left wing in Vancouver, the 28-year-old Skriko was scratched for four of five games ending Nov. 25. The play of rookies Robert Kron and Garry Valk made him irrelevant. The days when coach Bob McCammon was forced to play veteran players such as Skriko, even when they weren’t producing or putting out, appear to be over. Skriko opened the season at a pace notably improved from a season ago when his goal total slipped to 15 after four consecutive 30-plus goal seasons. But after going 11 games without a goal, Skriko was benched for the first time under McCammon Nov. 16 against the New York Islanders. He played Nov. 19 against Calgary,…



Darcy Cahill has played for five teams in five seasons. His latest stop is in Hamilton with the Dukes. He’s determined to make his final major junior season a memorable one. Indianapolis’ Dominik Hasek is a world-class goaltender leading the International League with a 1.97 goals-against average in eight games. The only negative aspect of his development is Chicago’s abundance of goaltenders. Pittsburgh’s scoring ace, John Cullen, is one of the season’s biggest surprises. We’ll visit the emerging star.…