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September 15, 1989

September 15, 1989

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Don Maloney in a New York Islander uniform? The idea of the former New York Ranger playing for the archrival is as ludicrous a notion as Dwight Gooden on the mound for the Yankees or Don Mattingly scooping balls out of the dirt at first for the Mets. “I know,” said Maloney. “I’m sure there are going to be a lot of Ranger fans out there wondering how I could be such a turncoat.” Maloney, who for 10½ years bled Ranger blue before his trade last season to the Whalers, agreed to a one-year contract with the Islanders Aug. 23. Hartford bought out Maloney’s contract but, at 31, the veteran left winger felt he still had some hockey left in him. The Islanders did, too. “I came in and talked to Al Arbour…



Objecting to Soviets playing in the NHL this season isn’t patriotic, It’s bigoted. It’s bigoted because Sergei Makarov is no different than Kjell Samuelsson or Randy Velischek or Mikko Makela or Joey Mullen. A hockey player is a hockey player, whether he comes from Moose Jaw or Moscow. The NHL makes money by employing—for the benefit of its fans—the people who play the best hockey in the world, not the people who play the best hockey for those countries whose forms of government we agree with. There are communists living in the United States, socialists living in Canada, democrats living in the Soviet Union. Should we ask all the kids eligible for the 1990 entry draft to list their political preferences, next to their dates of birth? The Montreal Expos have on their…



You know an advertisement is successful when people not only want to buy the product the ad is promoting, but when they want to buy the ad as well. That’s what has happened with Bauer’s latest ad in the Skate of the Art and Skate of Mind advertising series. The ad, which has appeared since August on buses, streetcars and subways, features 11 captains of Canadian hockey championship teams from Prince Edward Island to British Columbia, seated side-by-side on a dressing room bench, holding their trophies. “The transit authorities have been getting numerous phone calls from people asking, Where can we get the ad, we love it,’ “said Peter Tutlys, vice-president account manager for Ricketts Truman Advertising Ltd., the agency responsible for creating the ad. While the ad features mainly captains of minor hockey…



Philadelphia Flyers’ right winger Scott Mellanby probably won’t be playing hockey until December. But when he considers what might have happened, he has to consider himself a lucky man. A short vacation at a resort 150 miles north of Toronto turned into a brush with disaster Aug. 20. Mellanby’s friend, Jeff Frazier, became involved in a fracas with a patron at the Muskoka Sands Motel in Gravenhurst, Ont. When Mellanby came to help Frazier, he was badly cut in the left arm with a broken beer bottle. Frazier was reportedly cut in the throat with the bottle. Both Mellanby and Frazier were first treated at a local hospital and later sent by ambulance to the Toronto General Hospital, where Frazier was released and Mellanby remained for treatment. According to the surgeon who operated…