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December 23, 1988

December 23, 1988

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Chicago fans got their wish last summer when Bob Mason was traded to Quebec for Mike Eagles. They were complaining about his goaltending. Well, what are they saying now? Are they eating their words? Darren Pang is too risky—he comes out of his net too far, too often and makes blind passes. Jimmy Waite needs seasoning. Ed Belfour is about the only hope the Hawks have, but they don’t-have a goalie in Saginaw to replace him. The two mistakes the Hawks made: Releasing Bob Sauve in 1987 and trading Mason last summer. Dave Bonnema,Lansing, III. LEAF WOES I have to wonder what is more important in determining a team’s performance, the team’s ability or the management behind it. The Toronto Maple Leafs have been playing badly for too long to have a good coach…



Mon., Dec. 5 First Period 1 — Det, Yzerman 28 (Oates) 6:44 (pp). 2 — Mtl, Lemieux 14 (Lumme) 11:38 (pp). Pen—O’Connell (D) 2:19; Gainey (M) 5:44; O’Connell (D) 10:36; Hanlon (D) 13:27; Pavese (D), Corson (M) 17:26. Second Period 3 — Det, King 1 (Burr) 1:51. 4 — Mtl, Gilchrist 3 (Courtnail, Naslund) 3:28. 5 — Mtl, Skrudland 3 (Lemieux, McPhee) 14:25. 6 — Mtl. Svoboda 2 (Chelios, Gilchrist) 18:18 (pp). Pen—Kocur (D), Corson (M) 8:52; King (D), Chelios (M) 13:22, Chiasson (D) 17:38. Third Period 7 — Mtl, Carbonneau 11 (Svoboda, Gainey) 5:07. 8 — Mtl, Courtnail 5 (Carson, Chelios) 16:55. 9 — Mtl, Naslund 13 (Roy) 19:19. Pen—None. W—Roy (12-2-2), L—Hanlon (4-2-4). PP Conversions. D (1-1), M (2-4). Attendance: 16,646. Referee, Mark Faucette. Tues., Dec. 6 First Period 1 — Bos, Crowder 5 (Linseman, Wesley) 16:18 (pp). 2 — NYI, LaFontaine 15 (Volek, Pilon) 19:41 (pp). Pen—Wesley (B), 4:14; Wood (NY)…



The good citizens of Anchorage may spend 18 of 24 hours these days in the dark, but it doesn’t mean brilliant ideas don’t see the light of day. Like the time local hockey supporters wondered how best to give the game a higher profile in the Alaska city. “I had Bob Johnson, when he was still Badger Bob (coach at University of Wisconsin) make a pitch on the virtues of an international-size arena,” says Frank Nosek, chairman of the Anchorage Organizing Committee (AOC). “He suggested the future of the game lay in international hockey. His input was key to our final decision.” Which was to build Sullivan Arena, a 6,680-seat facility with an international-size ice surface. Named for former mayor George M. Sullivan, it opened in 1983. Five years later, Sullivan Arena is playing host…



JOFA TITAN Richard Clark is a veteran hockey player at the age of nine. Already in his third season with the Uxbridge Novice Rep team, Richard is a 4-foot-4, 60-pound defenseman. No stranger to the ice, Richard has been skating since the age of three. Prior to his jump to the Uxbridge Novice Rep team, he played house league hockey for two seasons. His Uxbridge team is coached by Gene Harnett. A Grade 4 student at Uxbridge Public School, Richard’s favorite team is the Detroit Red Wings and his favorite player is Detroit center Steve Yzerman. When Richard isn’t playing hockey in the winter, he’s playing hockey in the summer. This past summer, he played for the Richmond Hill team in the York Region Summer Hockey League. You or someone you know can be part…