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September 30, 1988

September 30, 1988

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Victoriaville’s Back—And Better Than Ever

Victoriaville is one of the best-known manufacturers of high-performance hockey sticks in Canada. After a major fire last year, Victoriaville has built a new manufacturing facility, replacing older machinery with new and more highly advanced equipment. The result of this new equipment will be shown through even higher-quality products. Victoriaville has continued to emphasize research and development in order to produce a high-quality stick. This has resulted in the optimum combination of stiffness, weight, balance and feel, with balance being the key to the ultimate stick. Ultravic 4050 For 1988-89, Ultravic 4050 is the flagship of the Vic line. The 4050 shaft provides an excellent lightweight feel and yet the necessary stiffness and strength from a fibreglass/wood core construction that promotes higher puck velocity. The blade on the 4050 is laminated ash with…


Ojanen Hopes To Finn-ish Camp As A Devil

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.—Will Janne Ojanen be the next Finn to make an impact in the National Hockey League? After a sizzling start in training camp, the temptation is to look at the 20-year-old center as the next Jari Kurri or Christian Ruuttu. But the Devils still aren’t sure how good Ojanen really is, or if the native of Tampere, Finland, can even make the team this year. “I think he has a chance to make this team, but that’s a question for Jimmy (Schoenfeld),” said Devil assistant director of player personnel David Conte. “One thing with Jim is he’s open-minded. He uses a merit system. Ojanen and Neil Brady (from Medicine Hat of the Western League) have kind of stepped to the head of the class among rookies, tempered by the fact…


New Pro League Is Very Cautious

The East Coast Hockey League is playing its role as phoenix cautiously and with an eye on the bottom line. The new five-team league, which will open training camps Oct. 20 and begin a 60-game regular-season Oct. 28, is a descendant of the Atlantic Coast Hockey League, which folded after the 1986-87 season and the All-American Hockey League, which folded after one season in 1987-88. Originally a six-team league—a Toledo, Ohio group dropped out—the ECHL is comprised of teams in Erie, Penn., Knoxville, Tenn., Winston-Salem, N.C., Johnstown, Penn., and Vinton, Va. The teams in Winston-Salem and Vinton, known as the Carolina Thunderbirds and Virginia Lancers, were members of the All-American League. The Erie group comes via the ACHL. Each group paid a $5,000 entry fee. ECHL league spokesman Jim Riggs said the league…


Can’t Call Deal An Outrage Until Fans Boycott Oilers

TOUGH AS IT might be to believe, we seem to have survived Armageddon. Nearly two months have expired since Aug. 9—The Day The Earth Stood Still—and things are still surprisingly tranquil here in the Western Hemisphere. The planet hasn’t altered its direction of rotation. You can still see sunrises out the same window as before. And geez, all indications are cartographers are going to continue including Edmonton on their maps. Seems the world wasn’t turned upside down when Wayne Gretzky was traded, after all. Could that possibly mean we have reached the point where someone can dare to suggest that maybe, just maybe, the deal that sent Wayne Gretzky to Los Angeles was not an act of treason but (shudder) a simple business transaction? More complicated and interesting than buying a loaf of bread or…