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January 22, 1988

January 22, 1988

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Introducing Jay Greenberg’s Scribe School

I NEVER WANTED to be a hockey player. I always wanted to be a hockey writer. While all the other kids were out on the pond freezing their tootsies, I was in the bathroom, trying to interview my older sister when she came out of the shower. While all my friends were stuffing catalogues and foam rubber in their pants for shinpads and getting ready to go out and play, I was in the kitchen eating my mother’s pre-game press room meal. Then I’d get a pen and piece of paper, look out through the window and write down everything the players did wrong. It sure beat getting hip-checked into the snowbank by Jim Berkebile, who by Johnstown, Pa., standards seemed tougher than Eddie Shore ever could have been. Believe me, I…




Ciccarelli Charged With Assault In Toronto

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.—Dino Ciccarelli expected the suspension—after all, he had clubbed Toronto defenseman Luke Richardson in the head with a stick. But he didn’t expect Toronto police to issue a warrant for his arrest on charges of common assault. The next time Ciccarelli visits the Canadian city (the Stars visit the Maple Leafs Feb. 24), Toronto police will arrest him. The 10-game suspension handed down by NHL executive vicepresident Brian O’Neill left Ciccarelli philosophical. The assault, which Toronto police said was issued because a weapon was used to hit a man on the head, left Ciccarelli befuddled. “I don’t understand it,” Ciccarelli said of the charges. “Hundreds of things like that have happened before. Why now? I could have seen it if the guy was hurt. But if I wanted to hurt him, I…



ONTARIO LEAGUE Defenseman Jeff Bloemberg, 19, of the North Bay Centennials scored three goals and three assists in three games to lead his team to two wins and one tie. Bloemberg improved his totals to seven goals and 17 assists in 32 games. QUEBEC LEAGUE Hull left winger Benoit Brunet, 19, scored five goals and seven assists-to lead his team to three victories. Brunet scored four goals and three assists in a 10-5 win over Laval to improve his totals to 30 goals and 52 assists for 82 points in 37 games. WESTERN LEAGUE Regina center Mike Van Slooten, 19, scored three goals and seven assists for 10 points in four games. Van Slooten’s’ efforts helped the Pats to a 4-0 week. He improved his personal totals to 21 goals and 38 assists in 41 games. At the…