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January 15, 1988

January 15, 1988

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Big Tech Attack

Western Collegiate Association rinks can cut down on their electric bills by inviting the Michigan Tech Huskies in for a few games. The Huskies showed the league they have power to bum, when they scored five goals on one power play, Dec. 19 against the No. 1ranked team in the country, the Minnesota Gophers. With Michigan Tech leading 42 eight minutes into the third period, Minnesota senior forward Paul Broten—younger brother of NHLers Neal and Aaron—was handed a fiveminute major for spearing. The Huskies, clicking at 24 per cent on the power play, increased that lead to 92 before Broten returned. All of the goals came against Gopher goalie Robb Stauber, the toprated net minder in the league. Stauber left after Tech’s surge and saw his goalsagainst average jump from 2.42 to 2.79, still…


Soviet Series Good Idea, Just Handle It Correctly

THE PROPOSED SERIES of games between Soviet and NHL teams sounds great, but I hope the NHL doesn’t botch it up. Schedule the series right after the NHL playoffs in either May or June, when both teams are still at their peak. If the Soviets send four club teams to North America to play NHL teams in games counting in the league standings, then each NHL team should play 84 games, with each Soviet team playing all 21 NHL teams. I have also heard that each Soviet team might only play teams in a particular division. That would be unfair to teams in a division that was required to play Central Red Army, the strongest Soviet team. But the whole idea is great. Derek Rogers,Kingston, Ont. UNDESERVED ASSISTS When are NHL official scorers going to stop handing…


Trust Our Man Molinari… Even If Nobody Else Does

IT IS ONLY in January, when we are a few weeks removed from the glory of the holidays, that we can truly grasp their real message. Which is, of course, pay off your creditcard balance—in full and on time—or the company will send a highlymotivated gorilla to repossess your presents. But there is another meaningful aspect to that most festive season that we dare not overlook: Leftovers. The ham that’s turning a delightful emerald green around the edges, the cute little yam circles that have taken on the consistency of vulcanized rubber—and the pressing issues that carried over into the new year like a Jan. I hangover. For example, with all the injuries Paul Coffey has suffered since going to Pittsburgh, should the Penguins be more interested in getting Dr. Randy Gregg instead of…



CHRYSLER CANADA IS THE EXCLUSIVE SPONSOR OF THE DODGENHL PERFORMER OF THE WEEK, MONTH AND YEAR AWARDS NEW YORK—Washington Capitals’ goaltender Clint Malarchuk, who led his team to a 301 record and registered a 2.45 average, was named the Dodge Performer of the Week for the period ending January 4. Malarchuk, who also registered his first shutout of the season, edged out rookie center Joe Nieuwendyk and rightwinger Hakan Loob of the Calgary Flames, as well as Boston Bruins’ goaltender Rejean Lemelin to capture the honor. The Dodge and Chrysler Canada divisions of Chrysler Motors will donate $500 to the youth hockey organization of Malarchuk’s choice. The Dodge and Chrysler Canada divisions of Chrysler Motors also sponsor the Performer of the Month and the Performer of the Year Awards, for which the…