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December 11, 1987

December 11, 1987

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Flames Gamble With A New-Look Offense

CALGARY—Everyone has a theory on why the Calgary Flames are the NHL’s highest-scoring team, including Hakan Loob. And why not; he’s one of the reasons for the turnaround. Loob said goal production is up because of the new system adopted by the Flames under coach Terry Crisp—a system that puts a premium on aggression, risk-taking and hemming the opponent in. When it works right—as it has recently—it can be devastating. When it doesn’t, well…that’s one reason why the Flames are also ranked among the league’s poorest defensive teams. “The way we’re playing, we put more pressure on the other teams,” said Loob. “We’re using three guys in their zone to forecheck more. Before, we had the left wing back all the time. So if they put the puck out on the right side, there…


Bauer’s University Performers of the Week

CANADA WEST Senior center Sid Cranston scored nine points as Alberta swept Regina 8-5 and 13-4. Cranston had four assists in the 8-5 win and two goals and three assists in the 134 victory. ATLANTIC Left winger Dave Shellington scored three goals and five assists as the University of Prince Edward Island beat Moncton 3-1 and St. Mary’s 9-4. Shellington scored once and earned four assists against St. Mary’s. ONTARIO Left winger Mike Tomlak scored one goal and five assists as Western beat Lauren-tian University 8-2, improving his season totals to nine goals and 13 assists in 11 games. Performers of the week for the period Nov. 23-29.…


Topsy-Turvy Stars Bag Pair Of Wins

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.—Say what you want about the Norris Division, but it sure isn’t dull. One day, the Minnesota North Stars were plunked smack at the bottom of the division and coach Herb Brooks was standing in his office, giving a lecture on how his club deserved to be there. A couple of days later, after consecutive victories over Montreal and St. Louis, there was only optimism, with first place just three points away. Brooks spoke in harsh realities after his Stars produced another hot-and-cold performance in a 4-3 home overtime loss to St. Louis the night before Thanksgiving. “That puts us right where we belong,” Brooks said after the Stars fell past the Blues into last place. “You get what you deserve and we haven’t deserved anything more. We haven’t worked for anything more.…

The Juniors


Canadian major junior hockey players who choose to step outside the bounds of fair play could soon be singing, “I fought the law and the law won.” Two municipal police forces have served notice they’re not going to tolerate the brawling that has taken place in Canadian Hockey League arenas this season. In Kitchener, Waterloo regional police were investigating an incident in a Nov. 6 Ontario League game between North Bay and the hometown Rangers. Kitchener’s Kevin Grant was suspended 15 games after bouncing the bare head of opponent Joey McTamney off the ice twice during a fight. Police superintendent Ken Miller said attending officers described the game as “reminiscent of two street gangs intent on fighting as opposed to playing hockey. The officers said if what they witnessed occurred on the street,…