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October 23, 1987

October 23, 1987

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The NHL is off and running—each of the21 teams already with its sights set firmly on playoff positions. We’ll tell you about the early-season surprises and disappointments, the highs and lows. We’ll also tell you about the American and International Leagues, plus the major junior leagues in Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada. Keep an eye out for our early line on the 1988 entry draft. NHL teams are scouring the globe in search of hockey players. We’ll tell you which ones they’re looking at, and you can follow their progress throughout the season. For fans of Canadian university hockey, we offer our annual preview. This year there are three conferences—Canada West, Ontario and Atlantic. Don’t miss all this and much, much more.…


Flames Still Adjusting To Life Under Crisp

CALGARY—In September, when the first verdict came in on the Calgary Flames, it began: There’s potential…but it may take time to make the transition from excoach Bob Johnson to new coach Terry Crisp. Under Crisp, the Flames scrapped some of the Johnson’s theories in favor of a style that put a premium on forechecking and aggressive, physical play. In the first week of the schedule, the reviews were mixed. The Flames began with one of their most decisive home-openers in history, dropping Detroit 5-1. Then they followed with an equally convincing 5-1 loss to Winnipeg. Team captain Jim Peplinski acknowledged that it may be a while before the Flames adapt to Crisp’s system. “I don’t think transition’s the right word,” said Peplinski, “but I think any time you have a new boss come in, he’s…


Penguins One Espo Trade From Playoffs

IT’S EARLY, But you only get so many chances to be wrong, so you gotta take your shots when the opportunity of a new season presents itself: I liked the Flyers’ chances to win the Stanley Cup this year until they traded Brad McCrimmon. Then I liked the Oilers again until I realized just how many problems the champions had and how all those great draft picks that made them a power appear to have dried up. So then I kind of liked Calgary. But then I started thinking about how the Flames are sort of going through a transition, what with a new coach and the necessity of kids like Joe Nieuwendyk and Gary Roberts coming up big. So I looked at Hartford. Boy, I really liked the Whalers but I wondered…


Oilers The Choice Of THN Forecasters

The Edmonton Oilers will sweep through the Campbell Conference and win their third Stanley Cup in four years, predicts THN’s blue-ribbon panel of 21 contributors and editor-in-chief Bob McKenzie. The Oilers were the unanimous choice to top the Smythe Division standings, and were near-unanimous to represent the Campbell Conference in the Stanley Cup. (Brave soul Al Morganti of Philadelphia picked the Minnesota North Stars.) The Oilers were the choice of 16 to win the Stanley Cup, while the Philadelphia Flyers got four votes and the Montreal Canadiens two. So stop yawning already. There are some mild surprises in this survey, which includes the opinions of our correspondents in each NHL city and McKenzie. For instance: the Winnipeg Jets are an overwhelming favorite to finish second in the Smythe Division, behind the Oilers. The Calgary…