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April 3, 1987

April 3, 1987

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NHL Stars Come Out To Play At Molson Slo-Pitch Tourney

The Molson Slo-Pitch Challenge is being staged on the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario for the seventh straight year. Last year’s tournament attracted 20 teams, including 17 National Hockey League clubs, an NHL Alumni team, an NHL scouts team and another featuring referees and linesmen. In the past six years, more than 300,000 people have watched their favourite NHL players trade their sticks for baseball bats during a weekend that provides a great deal of entertainment, along with a high degree of competitiveness. Over 250 NHL players, along with thousands of fans, are expected to visit the Niagara Region June 18-21, to participate in one of the best office events staged in connection with the NHL. Host cities will be Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Welland and Thorold. Proceeds raised from the Slo-Pitch tournament help…


Bernie Gives More Than A Nicholls’ Worth

LOS ANGELES—Bernie Nicholls had hoped for bigger and better things than he got this year. “I wanted to get at least 90 points,” the Los Angeles Kings’ center said. “I’ve had more games this year where I haven’t gotten a point than I can remember. That’s disappointed me a lot.” Nicholls failed to score a point in 20 of the Kings’ first 69 games. He failed to score a goal in 47 of them. He managed no more than two shots in 32 of them. Over the previous three seasons, Nicholls averaged 41 goals and 97 points, including personal bests of 46 and 100, respectively, in 1984-85. “This isn’t like me, to go without goals or points for such long stretches,” he said. “I’ve played well in a lot of games, getting a point…

The Juniors

Blueliner Makes Gritty Comeback Bid

ST-JEAN—Stephane Brochu hasn’t forgotten the date. On March 27, 1986, the St-Jean Castors’ defenseman was at the Verdun Auditorium helping his club skate to its third of four consecutive overtime wins against the favored Jr. Canadiens, in the opening round of the Quebec League playoffs. Late in the second period, he laid a heavy mid-ice check on Verdun’s Richard Little and both players went down. Then Brochu went back to his bench to await his next shift. “All of a sudden, he turned all white and had trouble getting up,” said St-Jean coach Jacques Tremblay. Brochu didn’t know what was wrong and limped to the dressing room. Castors’ physiotherapist Francois Jovin knew right away. The 6-foot-1, 190-pounder from Sherbrooke had tom up his right knee. “I wasn’t feeling any pain and I thought it…