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March 20, 1987

March 20, 1987

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Q: Please settle a bet and list all of the players involved in the DetroitToronto trade which sent Norm Ullman and Paul Henderson to Toronto. Also, what year did the trade take place? Robert Zinck,Bridgewater, NS A: On March 3, 1968, the Maple Leafs shipped forwards Garry Unger, Frank Mahovlich and Pete Stemkowski, along with the rights to retired defenseman Carl Brewer, to the Red Wings in exchange for Ullman, Henderson, and forward Floyd Smith. Q: I was recently introduced to the game and I enjoy it very much. A friend of mine has been helpful in answering all my questions, execpt one. Why is it called a “hat-trick” when a player scores three goals? Jeanne J. Stevens,Los Angeles, CA A: The term originates from the sport of cricket. In that game, when a bowler…


Injuries Throw Roadblock In Playoff Path Of Sabres

BUFFALO—Lindy Ruff was the first to go down. Given the hard-nosed winger’s style of play, it wasn’t surprising. The injuries that followed, however, have left the once-surging Buffalo Sabres reeling, and threatened to cut short their run at a playoff berth. In recent days the Sabres, earlier the hottest team in the National Hockey League (9-2-0), had lost for of six starts. The losses came hand in hand with the loss of Ruff (broken clavicle). John Tucker (back), Wilf Paiement (knee), Scott Arniel (charley horse), Tom Kurvers (back) and Steve Dykstra (knee). Even the replacements weren’t able to escape the injury bug as rookie Paul Brydges (shoulder), Shawn Andersson (shoulder) and Mikael Anderson (leg) were also troubled by hurts. “We’re doing the best we can,” said Sabre coach Ted Sator of the team’s efforts to…


Wings Have Dominated Stars This Season

BLOOMINGTON—This, the Minnesota North Stars figure, has got to end sometime. If nothing else, the law of averages suggests that the Stars have to beat the Detroit Red Wings sooner than later. At least, that’s what the Stars were thinking when they dragged an 0-5-1 record against the Wings into Detroit for their seventh meeting of the year. But when they dragged themselves back home after a 9-3 beating, they were five points out of first place, instead of a possible one, and they still hadn’t beaten the Wings, whom they demolished in last season’s series 6-11. This time, instead of getting closer to stopping the Wings’ streak, the Stars were drilled for their worst loss yet. The Wings hadn’t scored nine goals since beating Toronto in March, 1985. And the Stars…



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