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June 13, 1986

June 13, 1986

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NHL Players Split On Drug Testing

THE MATTER OF DRUGS in professional sport is a critical part of games in the 1980s. It is a complex, multi-layered problem that hits all parts of society in varying forms but is intensified when the exposed user of illegal substances, notably cocaine, is a professional athlete. Alcohol is another cause of much woe, perhaps the most serious and widespread social problem in North America. But since drinking booze, in itself, is not a crime, it’s not viewed with the same scorn as simply having a bit of nose candy or a joint, which are criminal offenses. The National Hockey League has been perhaps a little smug on the whole matter of drugs. How often have you heard an NHL man say: “Maybe we’re a bit naive if we think that a few…


The Cup Comes Home

MONTREAL—It seemed like an eternity. Seven years following their 22nd Stanley Cup championship, the Montreal Canadiens brought their 23rd title home to set a professional sports record for most playoff titles. The New York Yankees have won 22 baseball championships. A Cheshire-cat grin creased the lips of defenseman Chris Chelios. He had gone through a season of pain with a bad knee. But a sip of champagne from hockey’s most-revered trophy faded the frustration to the background. “When we won (the 1983 NCAA championship) at Wisconsin I was 21. We won on the 21 st and I was wearing No. 21. This time we won on the 24th. I’m 24. I was wearing No. 24.” On that Wisconsin team was Dave Maley. He was with Chelios and the rest of the Canadiens celebrating in Calgary. Omens?…


Mandatory Drug Testing Proposed

MONTREAL—National Hockey League president John Ziegler, Jr., and NHL Players’ Association executive director Alan Eagleson believe the league does not have a drug problem. And they want to prove it. Whether the rank-and-file membership of the NHLPA feels a need to do the same remains to be seen. Ziegler and Eagleson, teaming up at a May 21 press conference between Games Three and Four of the 1986 Stanley Cup final, announced a proposed plan that would: ● Make drug testing mandatory in the NHL. ● Expand current NHL and NHLPA drug education progams. ● Continue to punish, not rehabilitate, any NHL player found to have used illegal drugs. Ziegler and Eagleson said they initiated the mandatory drug-testing proposal in response to media tactics of “McCarthyism”, which they claim have smeared the reputation of each and every player…


Hawks In The Hunt For Free-Agent Sniper

CHICAGO—The Chicago Blackhawks, have never signed a college free agent. But they are serious in their pursuit of Michigan State center Mike Donnelly judging by reactions from both Hawk general manager-coach Bob Pulford and Donnelly’s agent. “We’re interested in Donnelly, and we’ll be meeting with him,” Pulford said before departing for Portland, Ore., to scout the Memorial Cup. Pulford made the most of his scouting trip, also meeting with Donnelly’s agent, Bob Goodenow. “I met with Bob in Portland. In fact I just got back from there,” said Goodenow. “Right now we’re trying to arrange another meeting. “We’re entering that stage, where we’re starting to narrow it down. Bob Pulford is sincerely interested, as he’s exhibited with his initial offer. In his words, he believes Mike Donnelly can play on his hockey club.” Donnelly is a…