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February 14, 1986

February 14, 1986

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Sundstrom Slump Source Of Canuck Concern

VANCOUVER—When you look simply at one half of the numbers, Patrik Sundstrom is having a pretty good season. His assists are up there and he centers the Vancouver Canucks’ top line with Tony Tanti and Petri Skriko. Tanti has an outside shot at 50 goals and Skriko has come on to enjoy an exceptional sophomore year with 24 goals in 48 games. But what distresses most everyone watching the talented 24-year-old Swede is his goal total—just 10 after 48 games. It isn’t enough and just about everyone, including the shy twin of Rangers’ winger Peter Sundstrom, is painfully aware of it. To watch Sundstrom in practice or at any warm-up in a Canuck game, you have to wonder why he isn’t filling the net. He has, as they say, all the implements. He is fast,…


It’s Back To The Books For The Islanders

LONG ISLAND-Mike Bossy and Bryan Trottier, virtually inseparable on the ice, were seated alongside each other in a conference room on the second floor of a Long Island office building. Both were listening attentively to a lecture on atomic structure by Patti Groom, a high school science teacher. Seated at the same rectangular table on a recent afternoon were Islander teammates Greg Gilbert. Pat LaFontaine and Kelly Hrudey. They, too, were giving their undivided attention to Ms. Groom. Later in the afternoon, the five players would study English composition under the direction of an adjunct professor from Hunter College. The Islanders and some of their wives have been attending such college level lectures on the sciences, mathematics and humanities once a week. They then return to their homes to review their work…


Did You Know…

that the NHL teams with the most Americans on their current rosters are:…


D’Amour Takes Pounding Over Dehydration

CALGARY-The scary part for Marc D’Amour is simply not knowing. D’Amour, the Calgary Flames’ rookie goaltender, has spent the last four years of his life working his way up to the National Hockey League but is now in danger of losing his place—for reasons that are beyond his control. It isn’t because of his play. In coach Bob Johnson’s words, “He has done everything we have asked of him.” It is because of his health. Or his metabolism. Or his nerves. Or more accurately, all of the above. D’Amour couldn’t finish his last two starts because of violent cramping in the latter stages of a game brought on by a loss of body fluids. The problem came to a head during a 6-6 tie with the New Jersey Devils when D’Amour dehydrated so badly that…