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February 7, 1986

February 7, 1986

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Rejuvenated L.A. On Roll—Finally

LOS ANGELES—Third place. It was a long, uphill climb to reach the promised land and the Los Angeles Kings appeared determined not to slip up. “Finally,” Bob Janecyk said. “It’s nice. I think we’ll stay there. The way we’re playing now…the thing is, we’ve got to work to be successful. I think we all realize that now. We’ve had to work hard to get here and it’d be a shame to fall back again.” Previously plagued by a weak defense, undependable offense, terrible specialty teams and a series of injuries, the Kings seemed to have put most of their first-half problems behind them. A 6-3 victory over the St. Louis Blues Jan. 21 at the Forum extended their modest unbeaten streak to a season-long three games and they were on their biggest roll of…

The Colleges

Princeton Wants More Than A Playoff Berth

PRINCETON-—Jim Higgins may not be pulling rabbits out of his hat, but he’s certainly working some wonders with the Princeton hockey team. Last season. Higgins, in his eighth year at the Tigers’ helm, took Princeton to the Eastern College Athletic Association playoffs for the first time since 1968, thanks to a frantic stretch run. This season, the Tigers are right back in the hunt for a playoff berth, but they want more. “This year, we told them we just didn’t want to make the playoffs,” said Higgins. “We set a goal to make home ice, even though that might be a hard goal for us to reach. This team believes it’s a playoff team. In the past we would say that, but no one would believe it because no one had been…


Defensive-Minded Douris Joins Winnipeg

BUFFALO—As rookies go, Peter Douris is more gifted than most. But, for all his accumulated knowledge, natural talent and accrued maturity, he knows that he could be as upsetting to the Winnipeg Jets as helpful. “Just my being here will maybe cause a little dissension,” said Douris, whose signing was announced Jan. 18. “1 know the team is set. The last thing they need is “a rookie.” Teammates have not welcomed him with open arms, let alone open minds. But they aren’t treading on his toes, either. His coaches would like to think Douris is capable of pushing certain members of the team into greater efforts. Nothing seems to work better than motivation from within. “Maybe I can add some younger legs,” said Douris, 19. “I’m more up and down than most players, so maybe…


Overtime Losses Should Be Worth One Point

I believe it is time the NHL amends the system for awarding points for overtime games. In my view the team which loses an overtime game should still be awarded one point. I think a team which has worked hard through three periods but then loses in five minutes of sudden-death overtime has earned a point. This would certainly add to the excitement of overtime play as it would encourage teams to be more offensive-minded in the hope they can score a goal to break a tie and earn another point. All too often, a team, particularly on the road, will be very happy to gain a tie and earn one point. The result is quite often an unexciting and uninspired five minutes of hockey—with all effort generated towards preserving a tie. Allan Tholl, Creston.…