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March 22, 1985

March 22, 1985

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Canadiens Aiming To Eradicate Identity Crisis

SHERBROOKE—Hanging a label on the Sherbrooke Canadiens is about as difficult as grabbing a greased pig at a county fair. Every time you think you’ve made the right move, the dam thing slips through your fingers. As they enter the final month of the American Hockey League season, the Canadiens are a team still looking for an identity. They are neither the best offensive club in the Northern Division or the league nor are they the worst defensive. They aren’t particularly powerful at home nor are they always pushovers on the road. Like water, it’s always a guessing game what shape the Canadiens will take on each night, a situation that doesn’t exactly excite Pierre Creamer, the team’s coach. “We don’t have any consistency the way we’re playing,” Creamer said. “We’re hot for…


Hawerchuk Set Record In Montreal

An intense rivalry with Peterborough brought out the best in Oshawa players, but Dale Hawerchuk’s fondest memory involved a tournament in Montreal. “I was 10,1 think, and we received an invitation to go to Montreal,” said Hawerchuk, the 21-year-old captain of the Winnipeg Jets. “Now most of our trips were in and around Oshawa. To go to Montreal was a big thrill. “We took the train. That was something special.” Winning all three of its games, Oshawa was invited back the following weekend for the semi-finals and, if necessary, the finals. Riding the train again, the Oshawa kids returned to Montreal and they cleaned up, thumping Chateauguay 8-1 in the final. Hawerchuk scored all eight goals, breaking the tournament record of five goals in a single game, set by Guy Lafleur. Hawerchuk, who graduated to…


Even The Best Writers Make The Odd Mistake

SECURE IN THE belief that I know everything there is to know about this game and the people who play it, it continually astounds me when I’m wrong. Big of me, huh? This comes straight from the heart of a guy who, before the playoffs began three years ago, told my daily competition, Al Morganti, that he was absolutely silly to pick the Kings to beat the Oilers. I said if it happened, I would kiss his rear at center ice. Morganti is still making arrangements for a ceremony before a Flyer game. Humility overwhelms me. Deep down, aren’t I a good guy? Hey, when you’re wrong, you’re wrong, so here’s some fast apologizing: • I used to think Ron Caron was stark-raving mad. One of the great press-box acts in the business went completely…


THIS WEEK… 20 Years Ago

Here’s what was happening 20 years ago this week in hockey: • Clarence Campbell announced that the NHL will expand its operations with the formation of a second six-team division. Campbell said that St. Louis and Los Angeles, among other cities, were good possibilites for new franchises.• The Canadian National Team finished a disappointing fourth in the world hockey competition, losing to the Soviets, Czechoslovakians and Swedes. Here’s what was happening 15 years ago this week in hockey: • St. Louis forward Wayne Maki was acquitted of a charge of assault to cause bodily harm. In exhibition play, Maki clubbed Boston defenseman Ted Green with his stick and severely fractured Green’s skull.• St. Louis coach Scotty Bowman commented that referees are too hard-pressed to be able to perform their job adequately, and suggested…