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February 18, 1983

February 18, 1983

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Staniowski On The Outside Looking In

WINNIPEG—A forlorn figure, Eddie Staniowski sat dangling his legs over the trainer’s table, seeking a cure for a broken heart. These are tough times for the 27-year-old goaltender. Lately, he has been odd man out in a three-man rotation. He has even been asked to agree to go to the minors, ostensibly for conditioning purposes, but that would be a personal affront. “I had a long talk with Mr. Ferguson,” said Staniowski. “Both sides of the story were presented. After a while, we both agreed it would be better if I stayed.” This has not been a good year for Staniowski. But, then, the club is not doing so well, either. His problems started during the offseason. Entering the option year of his contract, he noticed he was not exactly being wooed by general…


The Hockey News

The International Hockey Weekly Founded in 1947 Published by W.C.C. Publishing Ltd. 214 King St. West, Suite 314, Toronto, Ont. M5H 1K4 Change Of Seasons The National Hockey League All-Star game has come and gone and, as the saying goes, the 1982-83 NHL regular season is heading into the stretch drive. Up to this point in the schedule, there have been innumerable surprises, some big, some small, that have helped to keep the campaign interesting. A few that quickly come to mind are the spectacular play of the Boston Bruins and their phenomenal goaltender Pete Peeters; the revitalization of the Chicago Black Hawks under new head coach Orval Tessier; and the resurgent Washington Capitals, who finally look to be playoff bound. Of course, there are surprises on the negative side, too. Until recently, the defending Stanley Cup…

The Colleges

Providence Takes Big Lead In Division One

PROVIDENCE—Slowly but patiently and inexorably, in just the same manner they play their ideal game, the Providence Friars have inched out to a commanding lead in the Eastern Colleges Athletic Conference Division One playoff race. Barring some major disaster, PF will win the ECAC East Pennant and cop home ice for the playoff quarter-final series March 4-5. But PC hasn’t had an easy game, even though its current win streak is six after a wild 4-2 victory at Boston College. That game wasn’t decided until Kurt Kleinendorst scored with 1:03 to play. Earlier in the week, Cornell came to Schneider Arena and led going into the third period. Kleinendorst scored his second goal of the game at 0:29, then a two-goal burst by Randy Velischek and Steve Rooney within a span of…


Sabres’ Ramsey Develops His Vast Skills

BUFFALO—Mike Ramsey says that playing in this year’s National Hockey League All-Star game meant more to him than it did to play in it last year. “Last year I was a fill-in, when John Van Boxmeer got hurt,” the young defenseman for the Buffalo Sabres said, upon learning he was picked for the classic. “This year, it means more. “Not that I didn’t feel honored to be there last year. I was in awe of everyone else in the dressing room. Probably will be this year, too,” he added, with a laugh. “It’s exciting.” Ramsey was Buffalo’s only representative in the All-Star game this year. He was picked by Al Arbour, coach of the Prince of Wales team, as one of the eight players to augment the 12 chosen by the league writers. Ramsey…