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March 2, 1979

March 2, 1979

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Well-Rounded Golden Bears Roll To CWAA Flag

EDMONTON— Surprise! The CIAU’s number one team, the Alberta Golden Bears, has clinched the Canada West Association championship. You say you’re not surprised? Well, perhaps that has something to do with the fact that you’ve been watching Clare Drake’s Bears all season long, nonchalantly doing their thing, and rolling up an impressive 17-1 log in CWAA play. Or maybe you’ve been following the’ exploits of the Albertans’ dynamic goaltending duo, Ted Poplawski and Nick Sanza’ who have let up a miserly 37 goals in the Bears’ 18 regular season games. It’s also possible that you are aware of the scoring exploits of the Bears. In their 18 CWAA matches to date, the high-scoring Bears have racked up a grand total of 119 goals, an average of 6.6 per outing. Not surprisingly, in view of these statistics,…


Amateur Scoreboard

WESTERN HOCKEY LEAGUE (Standings on Mon. Feb. 12) WEST DIVISION CENTRAL DIVISION EAST DIVISION GAMES COMPLETED Tut. Feb. 6 Lethbridge 8 Medicine Hat 4 New Westminster 2 Victoria 5 Wed. Feb. 7 New Westminster 4 Portland 5 Regina 5 Brendon 7 Lethbridge at Billings Postponed Thu. Feb. 8 Calgary 2 Victoria 4 Saskatoon 3 Edmonton 3 Portland 5 Seattle 4 Fri. Feb. 9 Calgary 4 New Westminster 5 Lethbridge 7 Saskatoon 6 Edmonton 5 Regina 3 Victoria 3 Seattle 3 Sat. Feb. 10 Brandon 4 Billings 4 New Westminster 3 Victoria 7 Calgary 3 Portland 12 Edmonton 6 Medicine Hat 4 Saskatoon 7 Regina 5 Sun. Feb. 11 Brandon 5 Billings 6 Portland 5 New Westminster 5 Edmonton 3 Lethbridge 6 Calgary 5 Seattle 2 Regina 6 Saskatoon 9 LEADING SCORERS ONTARIO MAJOR LEAGUE (Standings on Tue. Feb. 20) LEYDEN DIVISION EMMS DIVISION GAMES COMPLETED Tue. Feb. 13 Kingston 2 at Ottawa 4 Niagara Falls 5 at Toronto 4 Stull Ste. Marla 8 at Sudbury 9 Thu. Feb. 15 Sault Ste. Marie 5 at Peterborough…


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Soviet Win Set North American Game Back 10 Years—Ballard

Can’t Beat The System WELL, AT LEAST the Soviet National hockey team left New York without inflicting further insults. The players spent a day or two relaxing and shopping, which is a break, because it was feared they might drop into Yankee Stadium and try to win the World Series while they were here, too. Instead, the Big Red Machine settled for the Challenge Cup. While the Soviets insist that their victory over the National Hockey League All Stars merely was a tuneup for the world tournament, or a learning experience, or proof that anything can happen in a short series, surely we must dismiss this talk for what it is. Bolshoi. “What they did to us in one week set back hockey in North America 10 years,” said Harold Ballard, owner of…