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February 2, 1979

February 2, 1979

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Hockey Ad Lib

Winner With A Loser… WHEN TOMMY MCVIE got the call to coach the Washington Capitals, the team was in the midst of a witless streak which reached 25 games before it was snapped. “It’s a little like dying every night for two months,” he sighed at the time. By working his players harder and making them better conditioned than the next team, he turned his into a team which only lost about half their games the next season. Players don’t like to work hard, however, and these rebelled. The talent wasn’t there, anyway. Putting Sousa marches on in the dressing room can only take a team so far and by last season the Caps were losing almost all the time again. McVie muttered, “I’d rather come home to find my wife cheating than…


Bruins’ Redmond Recaptures Form Just In Time With Injury To Park

BOSTON— The Boston Bruins greeted the new year with good news and bad. The bad news was that they would lose key defenseman Brad Park for perhaps a month after medical men determined they would have to whittle and scrape a little more inside his cranky right knee. The good news was that Dick Redmond, a potentially key defenseman, was starting to round into the form that was expected of him when the Bruins obtained his services in exchange for Gregg Sheppard just prior to the start of the season. It was no secret that the Bruins were disappointed with early season play of the man they expected to carry the puck out of their zone and man the point on the power play in a manner similar to Park. Redmond blossomed in the Jan.…


The College Scoreboard

ECAC CONFERENCE DIVISION I (Standings on Mon. Jan. 22) GAMES COMPLETED Tue. Jan. 16 Boston Univ. 7, New Hampshire 5 Dartmouth 6, Boston College 2 Colgate 5, St. Lawrence 2 Yale 6. RPI 4 Wed. Jan. 17 Clarkson 10, Cornell 4 Fri. Jan. 19 Northeastern 3, St. Lawrence 1 New Hampshire 6, Colgate 5 Sat. Jan. 20 Vermont 11, Providence 2 Yale 7, Cornell 2 Clarkson 8, Northeastern 5 Boston Univ. 4, Boston College 2 RPI 9, New Hampshire 5 Dartmouth 9, Maine 3 ECAC CONFERENCE DIVISION II East Section West Section LEADING SCORERS DIVISION I DIVISION II WCHA CONFERENCE (Standings on Fri. Jan. 26) GAMES COMPLETED Jan. 19-20 Michigan Tech 5, Notre Dame 3 Notre Dame 5, Michigan Tech 4 Minnesota 3, Wisconsin 2 Wisconsin 4, Minnesota 3 Minn-Duluth 7, Colorado College 4 Minn-Duluth 6, Colorado College 4 North Dakota 5, Michigan 1 North Dakota 9, Michigan 8 Jan. 20-21 Michigan State 5, Denver 3 Michigan State 7, Denver 3 LEADING SCORERS CCHA CONFERENCE (Standings on Fri. Jan. 26) GAMES COMPLETED Jan. 16 Bowling Green 5, Ohio…


Canuck Injuries Forcing Delay In Trade Assessment

VANCOUVER— When Vancouver Canucks’ general manager Jake Milford traded Dennis Ververgaert to Philadelphia, he said that deal wasn’t the last of his efforts. And it wasn’t. He also dealt away Randy Holt for Don Kozak. But now Milford, though he still needs to make a deal or two to balance the roster properly, has a problem. It’s one of morale. He feels he can’t trade for anybody because as soon as he does, they get hurt. Kevin McCarthy, obtained from Philadelphia to steady the Vancouver defense, and Kozak have both gone down since the trade and the Canucks are likely shy to make another one. McCarthy,’ who apparently came to Vancouver with a groin injury, played one game for the club before turning the pulled muscle into a torn one. He will be…