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June 1, 1978

June 1, 1978

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Powerful Canadiens Emulate Baseball Yankees Winning 21st Stanley Cup In Convincing Fashion

BOSTON— There’s a very popular show which is currently running on Broadway called “Same Time, Next Year,” and while the play has absolutely nothing to do with hockey, its title does…but only if you happen to be a member of the Montreal Canadiens. For the last several years the Canadiens have been showing up at about the same time—right around Memorial Day weekend—to claim the Stanley Cup, awarded each year to the best hockey team in the National Hockey League. But the Canadiens are more than just the best team in the NHL. They are the finest hockey team in the world, and have been for many, many years. They proved they were the best most recently on May 25 at the Boston Garden, when they won their 21st—and third consecutive—Stanley Cup…


Blues Scouring The Globe For Wingers Who Can Score

ST. LOUIS— The St. Louis Blues’ management, embarrassed by missing the Stanley Cup playoffs, has been scouring the globe for National Hockey League-level talent to rebuild the team. Emile Francis, president and general manager, said, “We’ve been all over the world and we’ve been watching every type of hockey from NHL down to junior.” Francis dispatched Denis Ball and Art Berglund to Europe, mostly to watch the world tournament in Prague. Coach Barclay Plager and Salt Lake City farm team coach Bob Plager joined the team’s regular scouts in searching for players. “There’s no doubt we’re going to make some changes,” Francis said, “even though we did better in the last 26 games of the season with Bare Plager as coach. “We’re going to make some trades, and we’ll get the third player in the…


Leafs’ Coach Takes Brief Respite Before Tackling 1978-79 Game Plan

TORONTO— Roger Neilson laughed when it was suggested that he’d probably take his videotape machinery and a few hockey game tapes to Las Vegas on his postseason vacation. “No, for once, I’m not going to think about hockey for a couple of weeks,” Neilson said. “Well, not if I can help it. I haven’t thought about much else since last July.” That’s when Neilson was hired as coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the National Hockey League, a job to which he devoted his entire life in his first season. There’s no doubt that Leafs were an improved team, sixth overall in the standings, 11 points superior to 1976-77 and executors of the Stanley Cup playoffs’ major upset, a quarter-final elimination of New York Islanders. Now Neilson can look ahead to the 1978-79 season—when…



For years they chanted, ‘Break Up The Yankees’. Now the hue and cry has turned to the Montreal Canadiens, who have dominated the NHL for the past three years. Columnist Bob Verdi doesn’t agree they should break up the Canadiens. BREAK UP THE CANADIENS! That’s the new hue and cry of the National Hockey League, and it breaks me up. Such balderdash should be greeted with only one bit of apparatus—a set of large ear muffs. This is a free world, and to each his own business. Just because the Montreal Canadiens’ business happens to be excellence, they should not be penalized for it. Especially if that excellence has been achieved through a work ethic so foreign to certain franchises which are too lazy to roll up their sleeves but not too lazy…