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May 5, 1978

May 5, 1978

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Write to: FAN FORUM, The Hockey News, 1434 St. Catherine St., W., Montreal, Canada H3G 1R7 Capitals’ Fans Show True Loyalty Let’s give credit where credit is due. I doubt if the great hockey fans of Toronto and Montreal would turn out more than 10,000 strong night after night to see the likes of some of the players that have donned Washington Capitals’ jerseys the past few years. Like most successful sports towns that have been blessed with a winner year after year, they would not support a loser. The Caps’ only hope is to work through the system, but does the system work? As far as the Caps are concerned they seem to be approaching the right combination. They now have such stellar players as (Guy) Charron and (Gerry) Meehan, and future stars such as…


Hockey for Minors

A Good Exercise Your legs need constant exercise to strengthen them. Bad legs end more promising careers than any other part of an athlete’s body. Here’s an exercise you and your teammates can take. Have a teammate hold a stick across his body and you grasp it, too. While he digs in to resist you, push with all the strength of your legs. Learn breath control at the same time. We all tend to stop breathing when we concentrate on an extra hard push or pull. All we do is shut off the supply of oxygen to our blood stream. Learn to breathe evenly all the time instead of holding it at times of maximum effort.…


Familiar Faces Again Win Molson Cup Competition

Special To The Hockey News MONTREAL— Familiar faces were on hand in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver to accept replicas of the Molson Cup and checks for $1,000 as the final award money for the Three Star contests in the three Canadian cities was distributed. Last year’s winners in Montreal and Vancouver. Guy Lafleur and Cesare Maniago were repeaters again, while Darryl Sittler collected the silverware in Toronto for the third time in four years. Last year Borje Salming finished first in the overall competition. Lafleur won Montreal’s Molson Cup for the fourth consecutive time with a remarkable 150 points. 70 more than Larry Robinson, Jacques Lemaire and Bob Gainey. Lafleur was named one of the three stars in 30 out of the 80 games, including number one star on 17 occasions. He was named…


Looking At The Minor League Scoreboard

AMERICAN LEAGUE (Final Standings) NORTHERN DIVISION SOUTHERN DIVISION FINAL SCORING LEADERS PLAYOFF GAMES SERIES‘A’ GAMES COMPLETED Wed. April 12 Springfield 2 at Nova Scotia 0 Fri. April 14 Springfield 2 at Nova Scotia 3 Sat. April 15 Nova Scotia 5 at Springfield 4 Mon. April 17 Nova Scotia 2 at Springfield 1 SERIES ‘B’ GAMES COMPLETED Tue. April 11 Philadelphia 3 at New Haven 6 Thu. April 13 Philadelphia 1 at Now Haven 7 Fri. April 14 How Haven 1 at Philadelphia 4 Sun. April 16 New Haven 5 at Philadelphia 2 SERIES ‘C’ GAMES COMPLETED Thu. April 20 Nova Scotia 5 at Maine 7 Sun. April 23 Nova Scotia 7 at Maine 5 GAMES TO COME Wed. April 26 Maine at Nova Scotia Fri. April 28 Maine at Nova Scotia Sun. April 30 Nova Scotia at Maine Mon. May 1 Maine at Nova Scotia Wed. May 3 Nova Scotia at Maine SERIES ‘D’ GAMES COMPLETED Wed. April 19 New Haven 1 at Rochester 6 Thu. April 20 Rochester 1 at New Haven 2 Sun. April 23 Now…