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April 7, 1978

April 7, 1978

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Rockies Want New Deal On Lease

DENVER— Fan apathy and heavy financial losses were mentioned last summer as reasons why Jack Vickers was unhappy at the prospect of continuing operation of the Colorado Rockies here. For weeks speculation swirled that Vickers would sell the club and that the Rockies would fold their tent after one year in Denver. There has been a solid, if not spectacular, rise in attendance this season, accompanied by an increase in gate receipts. For one thing, the Rockies haven’t given out the vast numbers of free tickets they doled out last season. Club officials point out that last year’s loss of $2.7 million spent by Vickers to operate the club has been reduced by more than $1 million. Vickers has good reason now for wanting to continue operating the Rockies. This was not always…



Where CHL Teams Play MARCH APRIL…


Amateur Scoreboard

ONTARIO MAJOR LEAGUE (Final Standings) Emms Division Leydon Division GAMES COMPLETED Ottawa 5 at Toronto 7 London 0 at Sault Sta. Maris 6 Sudbury 3 at Kingston 5 Niagara Falls 0 at Hamilton 4 Kitchener 4 at Peterborough 7 Playoff Games Quarter-Finals (Kitcheners wins best-of-five series 3-2) (Best-of-five series tied 2-2) (Hamilton leads eight-point series 3-1) (Peterborough leads eight-point series 3-1) FINAL SCORING LEADERS QUEBEC MAJOR LEAGUE Playoff Games Quarter Finals (Trois-Riviores leads eight-point series 6-0) GAMES COMPLETED Wed. March 22 Quebec 3 at Trois-Rivieree 7 Fri. March 24 Trois-Rivieres 6 at Quebec 0 Sun. March 26 Quebec 3 at Trois-Rivieres 8 GAMES TO COME Wed. March 29 Quebec at Trois-Rivieres Fri. March 31 Trois-Riviores at Quebec (if necessary) (Cornwall leads eight-point series 6-0) GAMES COMPLETED Thu. March 23 Hull 3 at Cornwall 11 Sat. March 25 Cornwall 5 at Hull 2 Sun. March 26 Hull 0s at Cornwall 7 GAMES TO COME Tue. March 28 Cornwall at Hull Thu. March 30 Hull at Cornwall (if necessary) (Montreal leads eight-point series 6-0) GAMES COMPLETED Wed. March 22 Verdun 3…



● THE WORTH of New York Islanders’ center Bryan Trottier to his team is borne out by this statement from teammate Gerry Hart after Trottier returned to the lineup after missing two games with a bruised hip and back. It doesn’t matter if Bryan doesn’t do a thing on the ice,” said Hart. “He’s an asset just being there”… Denis Dupere of the Colorado Rockies is another player who seems to have been rejuvenated by a trip to the minors. The veteran centerman has been contributing to the Rockies lately by making good plays and winning a number of faceoffs…Ron Cantera. vice president in a Boston public relations firm, has been named as play-by-play broadcaster for five New England Whalers telecasts on WFSB in Hartford…Cantera served as a Whalers’ broadcaster…