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February 24, 1978

February 24, 1978

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Heavy Closing Schedule May Be Factor In Whalers’ Stretch Battle With The Jets

HARTFORD— The New England Whalers took advantage of their newly revised schedule to take a mid-season break. When the rool on their home rink collapsed the Whalers were forced to squeeze their games into available dates at the Springfield Civic Center. With a week long tennis tournament scheduled for the building the Whalers were forced to move back several home games to an already crowded schedule in March. The postponements left them with a full week break in the schedule and prompted coach Neale and the Whalers management to prescribe a complete layoff for three days allowing each team member to spend the time as he wished. It was hoped the mini-vacation would help the team forget some of the bad habits that had been developing. While standing idle the Whalers were anxiously…


Most Consistent Capital Charron Bright Light In Dismal Campaign

WASHINGTON— A guy named Guy (it rhymes with ski not sky) kept poking in goals as the Washington Capitals struggled into February still shy of a 10th victory in the 1977-78 hockey season. The scores always seemed to be 6-1 or 4-1 against the Caps and the lone goal by Washington was by center Guy Charron, usually with an assist from his spunky linemate Bob Sirois. Charron’s 22 goals and 18 by Sirois were all that kept the Caps from a series of shutout defeats. Year four of hockey in Washington had promised so much but general manager Max McNab and coach Tom McVie were dumbfounded that they couldn’t come up with anyone to help Charron and Sirois score goals. “We need help,” McNab admitted, “these two guys can’t do it by themselves.” A 6-1 loss…



Amateur Scoreboard ONTARIO MAJOR LEAGUE (Standings on Mon. Feb. 13 EMMS DIVISION LEYDEN DIVISION GAMES COMPLETED Sun. Feb. 5 Windsor 3 at Toronto 3 Peterborough 5 at Sault Ste. Marie 5 Ottawa 6 at Niagara Falls 2 London 5 at Kitchener 1 Sudbury 2 at Kingston 11 Mon. Feb. 6 Sudbury 1 at Peterborough 6 Toronto 3 at Oshawa 8 Thu. Feb. 9 Hamilton 3 at Sault Ste. Mario 2 Oshawa 1 at Peterborough 5 Kingston 2 at Windsor 7 Fri. Feb. 10 Toronto 3 at Kitchener 8 Hamilton 5 at Sudbury 5 Kingston 2 at London 7 Windsor 8 at Ottawa 8 Oshawa 3 at Niagara Falls 3 Sat. Feb. 11 Niagara Falls 5 at Toronto 1 Sun. Feb. 12 London 4 at Sault Ste. Marie 4 Kingston 3 at Kitchener 12 Windsor 2 at Peterborough 6 Ottawa 4 at Oshawa 6 Toronto 5 at Sudbury 7 LEADING SCORERS QUEBEC MAJOR LEAGUE (Standings on Mon. Feb. 13) LEBEL DIVISION DILIO DIVISION GAMES COMPLETED Mon. Feb. 6 Verdun 5 at…


Lafleur Striving To Be All-Time Best

If they’re going to pay Hedberg and Nilsson $475,000 a year, then Guy Lafleur should get a million a year. —Yvan Cournoyer Montreal Captain MONTREAL— He was once the best junior player in Canada. Then the best skater in the National Hockey League. Then the best right winger. Then the best player in the league. Now he’s called the best in the world and the only thing left for Guy Lafleur is to be called the best of all time. He may make it—he enjoys hockey that much, and he’s willing to work and work at being the best and he’ll accept nothing less. Lafleur is held in awe by just about everyone who is witness to his breathtaking finesse on ice. It begins the moment Canadiens’ coach Scotty Bowman taps him on the shoulder…