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February 10, 1978

February 10, 1978

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NHL-Soviet 3-Game Series In ‘79 Likely To Be New ‘All Star’ Format

BUFFALO— Hockey fans would do well to savour the moments of the National Hockey League’s 31st annual All Star game. It could very well become just a hockey memory. The NHL has decreed that it is time for a new All Star format and plans are already in the works for change in 1979. In fact, instead of one All Star game, it could become a week long super series involving the best of the NHL against the pick of the Soviet Union. Apparently the new All Star plans are the result of a serious study undertaken by a hand-picked committee to find a more desirable way of showing off the NHL’s midseason classic. With the approval of the NHL governors and the players alike, the league will pursue a three-game super series…


Blues’ Komadoski Gains Fast Start

ST. LOUIS— Neil Komadoski was nervous in his first period in a St. Louis uniform. But in the second period he won a fight against Toronto’s Tiger Williams, and in the third period he scored a goal. “The goal was really the bonus,” said Komadoski. who has scored only 14 goals in his National Hockey League career. So, Komadoski made a big impression on the fans in St. Louis after being obtained from the Los Angeles Kings. The Blues will give the Kings a player in the future to complete the deal. The Kings apparently had no further use for Komadoski. He had been a regular with the team for the past five seasons and was the dean of the defensive corps. But this season Komadoski sat on the bench and finally was demoted…



Thoughts About Hockey IT’S THE THOUGHT that counts, and here are some about hockey: John Ziegler is right on when he says “there’s too damn much international hockey” but the proposed All Star series versus the Soviet Union sounds delectible. It’s always been fun to visit Boston, but with Don Cherry there, it’s even better. Did you know that the top four goalies in the World Hockey Association all played for the Buffalo Sabres at one time or another? Barry Beck acts a lot older than his 20 years and Eddie Johnston acts a lot younger than his 41 or 42 or 43. The funniest team in the National Hockey League isn’t the St. Louis Blahs or Colorado Pet Rocks or Minnesota No Stars. It’s Harold Ballard and King Clancy. Buffalo may not be a nice place…


Wild Card System Tightens Up NHL’s Race For Playoff Spots

MONTREAL— While Bryan Trottier of New York Islanders slowly adds to his lead atop the National Hockey League’s individual point parade, the fight for playoff positions is becoming intensified as the NHL moves well into the second half of the 1977-78 regular seasom. Trottier added a point to his lead over runner-up Guy Lafleur of Montreal Canadiens last week and is now 10 points ahead with 81. Trottier also leads in assists with 49 while Lafleur is the goalscoring leader with 37. Darryl Sittler of Toronto is third with 68 points, eight more than Jacques Lemaire of Montreal. Because of the new wildcard system instituted by the NHL this season for four playoff berths, several clubs are in the running for post-season Stanley Cup action and it would appear the final outcome won’t…