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January 20, 1978

January 20, 1978

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League Awaiting Voyageurs’ Flurry; Mariners Attracting Fans, Respect

HALIFAX— With the American Hockey League season nearly half over, most observers expected to see the Voyageurs comfortably on top of the Northern Division standings. Such is not the case. The Vees are in the middle of a slump which has caused them to go winless in their last six contests. As a result, Nova Scotia is three points out of first place at this writing. However, the Springfield Indians have four games in hand and the Maine Mariners three. Only Rod Schutt is among the league’s top scorers and the club does not have players like Gilles Lupien to protect their small wingers. But with about 20 games to play at the new Halifax Metro Center before their home and road schedule evens out, the Vees are in a position to…


Flyers’ Claim Holmgren Heir-Apparent To Dornhoefer’s Crease-Crashing Job

PHILADELPHIA— An era is ending in Philadelphia and NHL goaltenders are on their knees giving thanks. When Gary Dornhoefer was practicing his specialty—tormenting goaltenders—the masked men were often forced to their knees. Dornhoefer would park himself as close as legally possible to the goalies, attempting to distract them while a teammate shot the puck. Percentages, especially in important games, seemed to be with Dornhoefer. While the goaltender and a defenseman or two shoved and battered the veteran right winger, the Flyers would score at least one goal. Now Dornhoefer, soon-to-be-35, is in the final year of his distinguished NHL career and Paul Holmgren has been proclaimed a worthy successor. Holmgren is younger (22) and bigger (six-foot-three, 215) than Dornhoefer. Whereas many opponents—notably Boston—have quickly developed a dislike for the Paul Bunyan-sized St. Paul, Minn., native,…



● THIS IS All Star month with the World Hockey Association annual All Star contest taking place at Quebec City on January 17 and the 31st annual NHL All Star game being played at Buffalo. Both of these games should prove popular with hockey fans…Super Series 78 was not nearly as thrilling or popular with puck fans as expected. In fact it was a big disappointment to most ardent hockey followers. The feeling right now is that there are to many international tournaments. It’s becoming confusing to the paying public and losing much of its early appeal. This fact was borne out by the poor attendance in most United States cities. The games drew much better when played in Canadian cities…Los Angeles hockey buff Laura Davis notes fast-moving Hartland Monahan…


Looking At The Minor League Scoreboard

AMERICAN LEAGUE (Standings On Tue. Jan. 10) NORTHERN DIVISION SOUTHERN DIVISION GAMES COMPLETED Tue. Jan. 3 Nova Scotia 4 at Hampton 3 Wed. Jan. 4 Nova Scotia 0 at Hershey 2 Binghamton 3 at New Haven 4 Thu. Jan. 5 Nova Scotia 4 at Binghamton 2 Maine 3 at Hampton 0 Fri. Jan. 6 Springfield 2 at New Haven 5 Maine 1 at Rochester 7 Sat. Jan. 7 New Haven 3 at Hampton 0 Rochester 4 at Hershey 4 Nova Scotia 5 at Maine 2 Binghamton 2 at Springfield 8 Sun. Jan. 8 Springfield 3 at Rochester 4 LEADING SCORERS GOALING RECORDS Shutouts, Mig, Lemelin and Pettie, 2 each. MaKenzie, Wolfe, St. Crois and Holland, 1 each CENTRAL LEAGUE (Standings on Wed. Jan. 4) LEADING SCORERS GOALING RECORDS INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE (Standings On Tue. Jan. 10) NORTHERN DIVISION SOUTHERN DIVISION GAMES COMPLETED Tue. Jan. 3 saginaw 5 at Kalamazoo 3 Wed. Jan. 4 Flint 3 at Toledo 7 Muskegon 5 at Milwaukee 1 Fort Wayne 4 at Grand Rapids 3 Fri. Jan. 6 Port…