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February 19, 1971

February 19, 1971

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Parent, Philadelphia Fans In Shock After Big Trade

PHILADELPHIA— By now Bernie Parent is tending goal for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the “jury” is still debating whether the Flyers came out on the long or short end. Time will tell, of course, but there is no doubt in the minds of many that Parent ranks as one of the best young goaltenders in the game today. “ I can’t see how they could’ve done it,” said a Flyer veteran, who requested anonymity. “Bernie’s been the most consistent player this team has had in its history. “I’m not putting the knock on Doug Favell (whom the club kept). He’s a damn good goalie, too, but I think he’ll tell you himself that he’s just not the steady type of goaltender like Parent. Sure, Dougie is sensational at times, but other times he’s…


Red Wings Induct Sawchuk Into Club’s Hull Of Fame

DETROIT— The late Terry Sawchuck was inducted into the Red Wing Hall of Fame in ceremonies prior to the Red Wing-New York Ranger game of Feb. 4 at Olympia. Considered by many the greatest goalkeeper in the game’s history, Sawchuck’s 20-season National Hockey League career was ended last year in an off-season accident. Sawchuck played 13 of his seasons with the Red Wings and had his most spectacular season in 1951-52 when he led the Wings to the regular season title with a 1.90 goals against average and 12 shutouts for the Vezina Trophy and then had the most phenomental Stanley Cup series ever for a goalkeeper. Sawchuck allowed just five goals as the Wings swept to the Cup in the minimum of eight games he had four shutouts and an incredible 0.62 goals…


Fan Forum

OFFICIAL NATIONAL HOCKEY WEEKLY Founded October 1st, 1947 Published weekly except monthly June through September by Ken-Will Publishing Co. Ltd. 1434 St. Catherine Street West Montreal 107, Canada. Kenneth William McKenzie President and Publisher Charlie Halpin Editorial Director Yearly SUBSCRIPTION Rates: $6.00 in Canada $7.00 in the U.S.A, and $9.00 in Foreign Countries. Postage paid at Rouses Point. N.Y Second class mail—Registration No. 1327 Printed in Canada Vol. 24 MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 19, 1971 No. 20 Let’s Quit Worrying Over Pittsburgh I am sick and tired of reading week after week in the Fan Forum about Pittsburgh and its poor attendance. Obviously the people who are so concerned about it haven’t noticed that Pittsburgh attendance is up 60% over last year. Hockey interest is high in Pittsburgh and hockey fans are turning out game after game to back their Pittsburgh Pens. So I would like to…


Three Clubs Ex teed 100,000 As Box Offites Boom In CHL

OMAHA — Those harbingers of doom who have been preparing to administer last rites to the Central Hockey League better take another look at the patient’s chart. Reports of the CHL’s demise are just a little premature, if attendance lately can be used as a guide. Take Omaha, for instance. The Knights played to three consecutive overflow crowds the weekend of Jan. 27-30 and led two other clubs over the 100,000 mark for home attendance. Both Oklahoma City and Fort Worth also passed the six-figure mark, both set single game attendance records and Fort Wort huns un a new CHL mark when 10,107 fans paid their way into a Jan. 30 game at that city’s spacious Convention Center, the Wings’ temporary home when the stock show evicts them from Will Rogers Coliseum. Oklahoma City’s…