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December 21, 1957

December 21, 1957

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Hal Laycoe’s surprising New Westminster Royals have overtaken the powerful Vancouver Canucks for the Coast Division lead. Guyle Fielder, although playing six games for Detroit, is runner-up in the WHL scoring race with 31 points. How The Race Goes FRIDAY. DECEMBER 6 Galgary 5 at Edmonton 4 First Period 1—Culgary. C. Blair (D. Blair)……… 4.25 2—Edmonton, Lunde……… 6.43 3—Edmonton, Roggeveen (Lunde, MacPherson)……… 15.55 4—Edmonton. Lunde (Leswick, Holmes)……… 19.59 Penalties: Hendrickson. S. Hucul. Tottle, Kuryluk (2), McNeill. Second Period 5—Calgary. F. Hucul……… 59 6—Edmonton. Olson (McNeill. Coflin)……… 10.07 7—Calgary, C. Blair (S. Hucul, F. Hucul)…… 14.02 8—Calgary. Finney………… 17.06 Penalties: Ginnell, C. Blair, Mac-Therson. Third Period 9—Calgary, Finney (F. Hucul. Duke)……… 11.42 Penalty: Holmes Vancouver 11 at New West. 3 First Period 1—Vancouver, Hutchinson (MeLeod, Kurtenbach)…… 9.23 2—New Westminster, Dorohoy (McNab)………… 12.57 3—Vancouver. Maloney (McLeod. Robinson)…… 15.56 4—Vancouver, McLeod…… 16.14 Penalties: Dorohoy, MacQueen, Hrymnack. MacNab. Edmundson (minor and misconduct). Second Period 5—Vancouver. Folk (Maloney)……… 8.19 6—Vancouver. Maloney (Robinson. McLeod)……… 12.25 7—Vancouver. MacNab…



Cleveland’s great goal-tender Johnny Bower registered another suhtout during the past week, 4-0 against Springfield. He now has six. Rookie Bill Sweeney of the Providence Reds is runner-up in the AHL scoring race. Sweeney is a Guelph Biltmore graduate. How The Race Goes WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11 Springfield 4 at Hershey 3 HOCKEY — Sanderson Springfield — Goal: Evans; defense: MeCord, Schneider, Hillman, Anderson, Cherry; forward: Johnson, Beckett, Nicholson, Caffrey, Ehman, Schinkel, Boone, Smith, Gardner, Pidhirny. Hershey — Goal: Mayer; defense: Dewsbury, Price, Mathers, Yaneshik; forwards: Maarhall, Fisher, O’Brien, Solanger, Kullman. Stankiewicz. Haley, McCreary, Panagabke, Davis, Duff. First Period 1—Springfield, Ehman (Johnson, Caffrey)…………15:00 Penalties: Hillman (tripping) 2:10; Boone (high stick) 7:12; O’Brien (high stick) 7:12; Cherry (tripping) 10:32; Duff (high stick) 14:11; Davis (slashing); Hillman (tripping) 16:41. Second Period 2—Spring field, Cherry (Gardner, Smith)………… 13:27 3—Hershey, Marshall (Mathers, Fisher)………… 15:27 Penalties: Gardner (hooking) 2:18. Third Period 4—Hershey,…


OHA-NOHA Upset by North Bay Plight And Matter Of Windsor Sudbury Deal

STRATFORD, Ont — When the surviving senior “A” teams in the Northern Ontario Hockey Association and the Ontario Hockey Association united their forces at the start of the 1957-58 season and formed one group, everything took on a rosy tinge, but since then the ship of state has run into treacherous rapids, partly due to financial problems and the traffic in talent deals. North Bay Plight North Bay Trappers of the NOHA, for instance, lost a bundle of cash last season under the sponsorship of Pete Palangio, so this season another club was organized, but it has not fared any better. In fact, rumors persist that the Trappers may not be able to finish out the season unless the patronage increases. The Trappers got away to a good start this season and then misfortune…


Smythe Offers Five For One Trading Deadline Dec. 15th

Awakened Barrie Flyers Display Contender Signs VOLUME II, MONTREAL, DECEMBER 21, 1957 GUELPH, Ont.—The first week in December of the current junior campaign may mark the return of Barrie Flyers as a power in junior hockey ranks. Flyers in the late forties and early fifties were an even money bet before the season started to take all the honors. Recent years however have been lean ones and this season started off like their immediate predecessors. Flyers dropped some half dozen games by a one goal margin and after 13 games had amassed the grand sum of 10 points and were 12 points out of first place. They held fifth place by a single point over St. Michael’s and were seven points back of the fourth place Peterborough Petes. It looked like another season-long…