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Prospects Unlimited 2022-23

Prospects Unlimited 2022-23

Our annual Prospects Unlimited issue returns, with full listings of every NHL team’s system, grades, and a profile on an intriguing youngster. Also, we count down the top 100 21-and-under players in the world.

NHL Team Reports


AFTER A standout season in the USHL, Adam Ingram is looking to take the next step by translating that success to the NCAA with St. Cloud State. The 6-foot-2 Winnipeg product has a well-rounded toolkit, which St. Cloud State coach Brett Larson has seen on display in the early stages of Ingram’s NCAA career. “He’s obviously a smart, skilled player with a great shot,” Larson said. “He’s a goal-scorer, he’s got a knack for it. He’s also got a really high-end hockey IQ, he’s very coachable and is able to implement new tactics and adapt quickly.” What Ingram is still looking to build upon is filling out his frame and gaining strength to thrive against competition at the NCAA and professional levels. Last season, when he scored 55 points in 54 games…

NHL Team Reports


ZACH DEAN was already a scoring sensation prior to his NHL draft season. After all, the six-foot center put up 46 points in 57 games en route to all-rookieteam honors in 2019-20 with QMJHL Gatineau. But when Olympiques coach Louis Robitaille arrived that summer, he helped take Dean’s already strong two-way game up a level. It’s not always easy to convince a player whose offensive touch is his selling point to buy in on ‘D,’ but the characteristics that made Dean a coach’s favorite over the years ensured the change to his game would be smooth. It also helped pave the way to Vegas when the Golden Knights made him the No. 30 pick in the 2021 draft. Vegas’ director of player development, Wil Nichol, recognized what sells coaches on Dean. “His…

WHA History: Part 3


WE HAD NOW entered the middle years of the WHA. The NHL had no choice but to accept the reality that the league wasn’t going away. It may have been riddled with franchise shifts and financial issues, and various and sundry other problems, but the WHA was operating and surviving. This period, from 1974-75 to 1977-78, is best described as the WHA’s ‘Dark Ages.’ Whenever there was a franchise hole, we somehow managed to fill it, though often the solution was only temporary or a step sideways. But the NHL had its own issues as well. Because of the WHA, player salaries had gone through the roof for the NHL, while its revenues had remained flat or were dropping. Attendance had taken a real hit as well, even for certain well-established teams…



AS OF MID-OCTOBER, ACCORDING to, 23 NHL teams had less than $2 million in salary-cap space. But skimp out on a backup at your peril. Nowadays, clubs need two solid goalies in order to give their No. 1 some much-needed rest, or they're riding a 1A-1B situation, which a lot of the time means opening the purse strings. LTIR aside, here is how much green teams are spending in the blue paint.…