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Rookie Issue 2022

Rookie Issue 2022

It's our Rookie Issue, featuring Detroit's trio of Seider, Raymond and Nedeljkovic; Zegras; Lundell; Jeannot and others. Plus, we preview the Paralympics and take a look at some surprise NHL stars.



AGENT DOMINIC DE BLOIS remembers the moment he realized his client Maveric Lamoureux was an elite athlete: the two were having some fun shooting hoops in Lamoureux’s driveway a couple years ago when the 6-foot-5 teen threw down a monster two-handed slam dunk – while wearing sandals. Lamoureux, a potential first-rounder in the 2022 NHL draft, is now 6-foot-7 and nearly 200 pounds, but by the time he fully fills out, he believes he could tip the scales at around 230. Needless to say, with his size, mobility and puckhandling ability, Lamoureux has NHL scouts intrigued, and they believe the Drummondville Voltigeurs defenseman is just scratching the surface in the QMJHL. And heading into the second half of the season, Lamoureux believes he has more to give, too. “I would say…



SPENCER KNIGHT | FLORIDA PANTHERS KNIGHT’S CRISP AND SIMPLE mask, prominently featuring the Panthers’ primary logo, feels fitting for a rookie netminder known for poise belying his age. But every design from artist Dave Gunnarsson, a self-professed “paint nerd,” is more complex than it seems. The faded background makes the Panther pop for a 3-D effect, and a closer look reveals tiny outlines of the team’s old pouncing-cat logo on the top, sides and bottom.…



WHEN IT COMES TO prominent Russians in the NHL, words like “highly skilled,” “explosive,” “exciting” and, every now and again, “enigmatic” are thrown around far more often than not. Adjectives such as “dependable,” “steady” or “gritty” are usually reserved for the proverbial boys from Mississauga and Flin Flon, not imports from Yaroslavl and Yekaterinburg. The latter is probably as rare as seeing words such as “glamorous,” “marquee” or “primetime” in association with the city of Columbus. Yet Vladislav Gavrikov, a 26-year-old native of Yaroslavl, a hockey-mad city on the Volga River, is as dependable and reliably gritty as a stay-at-home defenseman comes. And he’s plying his trade in the Ohio capital few people would call the NHL’s most glamorous location. Gavrikov falls squarely into the category of players who are mostly…



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