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January 17, 2006

January 17, 2006

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Called back into action

At the age of 41, after two knee surgeries and four years into his coaching career, Chris Terreri thought his playing days were behind him. But the Albany River Rats goalie coach was pressed into service Dec. 28, playing the first and third periods of a 4-2 loss at Hershey. Terreri hadn’t played an AHL game since 1988-89 for New Jersey’s former affiliate in Utica. His last NHL game was in 2001 for the New York Islanders. It was the third game in three nights following the Christmas break for Albany. Terreri spelled Frank Doyle, who had started six straight games following an injury to Ari Ahonen. The organization did not consider Ahonen’s injury to be long-term, so they delayed bringing in another goalie. Terreri, who as an assistant coach is normally prevented from…


Oh no, not again…

When you’re a feisty, painin-the-butt type of player who has averaged more than 160 penalty minutes a season, it’s never good when the league president phones to speak with you. Well, almost never. Jimmy Roy had quite a surprise when he returned a voice mail message from American League president Dave Andrews. The Manitoba Moose center was not being punished or even scolded. He was being honored. The AHL chose Roy to captain Team Canada at the AHL All-Star Classic Feb. 1 at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg. “When I got the message I thought, ‘Oh, no, what did I do?’” Roy said, who has spent all nine of his pro seasons with the Moose. “It was right after the Christmas break and we had nine days off. I couldn’t remember if I did anything…



RINK COLLAPSES IN GERMANY A collapsed ice rink in southern Germany is responsible for the death of 15 people, including 12 children between the ages of nine and 15. There were believed to be about 50 people inside the rink during a public skating session in the Bavarian town of Bad Reichenhall, near the Austrian border, when the roof caved in Jan. 2. Heavy snow on the rink’s roof is believed to be a contributing cause. Reports said minutes before the collapse, a local hockey club had cancelled a practice later in the day over concern for the heavy snow load on the flat roof. The arena was built in 1972. OPEN SEASON ON UFA TALKS The phone lines between NHL GMs and player agents could soon be heating up again. Under the…


The Year in Review (kinda)

As part of the new gig as online reporter at, we typed up a lengthy, satirical look at the frivolity-filled world of hockey in 2005. Here is a much-condensed version: JAN. 6 In its Jan. 10 edition, Business Week Magazine names NHL commissioner Gary Bettman one of the worst managers of the year, calling the Bettman-orchestrated lockout a “crisis that should never have happened.” After hearing that Bettman made a splash with a major U.S. publication, NHLPA boss Bob Goodenow orders No. 2 man Ted Saskin to commence work on a plan – a plan that will result in Goodenow himself knocking Bettman out of the mag’s list in its 2006 edition. “No problem,” says Saskin, who then repeats himself under his breath for maximum dramatic effect. JAN. 7 Bad publicity surrounds troubled…